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  • wiffmyanus wiffmyanus Aug 3, 2012 6:56 PM Flag

    oH cRAP!!! heres_your_sign did you read this/

    1 Natural Gas Stock I'm Avoiding

    By Austin Smith | More Articles
    August 3, 2012 | Comments (1)

    While the natural gas sector has received plenty of hype, research analyst Austin Smith cautions investors away from Cheniere Energy. Natural gas is far more expensive in Asia than the United States, a gradient Cheniere hopes to take advantage of by exporting natural gas out of the U.S. The problem is that many Asian nations, including China, have plenty of untapped natural gas stores that will erode Cheniere's advantage once companies like Halliburton or Schlumberger exploit these reserves


    This does not bode well for you long term hold of LNG. This guy is known as a guru in the NG industry. I would not take his dire waring lightly!
    Okay my friend. Just wanted to pass this on to you. We are here to share information.

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    • Hey wiffmyanus or should I say fingerme77 did you see who wrote the article that was the subject of this thread? The author who titled this Motley Fool article 1 Natural Gas Stock I'm Avoiding is a consumer goods editor/analyst. Let me repeat that a CONSUMER GOODS editor/analyst. And since the author apparently thinks demand which would affect NG prices will have a significant impact on Cheniere and its fixed rate export contracts that is why I say he does not know what he is talking about. Because it will not affect Cheniere in any significant way. You keep showing what a total idiot you are wiffmyanus. Oh sorry you are going by fingerme77 with that post.

    • In the article that started this link, the writer reported a NG analyst said fracking in China will hurt this company. You said the article writer didn't know what he was talking about. No I guess you think a analyst that follows NG also doesn't know what he is talking about, but we are suppose to think some numb nuts like you does. Give me a break. That is closer to any link you provide. You just spout off about things you have no idea about.

    • Maybe the title of this article should be reworded to 1 Consumer Goods Editor/Analyst I'm Avoiding. What do you think wiffmyanus? Is he really known as a guru in the NG industry? I just cannot get over how totally stupid you always are wiffmyanus. It is so unbelievable.

    • Give me a link that shows fracking in China is going fantastically well. Cannot do it? Guess we have a standoff then you idiot. And the only things beneath you are young boys you kiddie porn watching pervert. Is Jerry Sandusky really your hero? That is what I have heard.

    • I see you didn't attach a link. How surprising. We all figured out where your comment came from.
      Now do not bother to reply or communicate with me anymore. You are to far beneath me to bother with. provide a link I may change my mind, rookie.

    • Sure wiffmyanus aka fingerme77 any contract can be broken but will those that Cheniere has for its export project? Chances are so remote as to be virtually nonexistent. Why do I think that? Because so many big players involved with Cheniere think that. They know better than any of us here on this message board and I trust their investment decision more than I would some idiot joe like you. As for fracking in China I have read that from more than one reliable source but I cannot give you a link nor would I because I do not have to prove anything to you. Do not believe me if you want I could care less. Anyway you are still the idiot you have always been. That I know for a fact.

    • Woah, the output of stupidity really flows from you on the weekends.
      You really think those contracts can't be broken?? You must be dumber then I originally thought, and that was pretty dumb.

      Now wise guy, post your link for all of us to read about how fracking in China is not going well. We will wait for your link, but everybody on this board already knows where you pulled that comment out of.

    • BTW I never said anyone HAD to or SHOULD listen to me but anyone listening to and/or taking the advice of a consumer goods editor/analyst at Motley Fool on a stock in the energy sector is a FOOL. I do not pretend to give investment advice unlike that Motley Fool pretender LNG analyst who admits himself that he has little investment experience.

    • Hey idiot do those shippers have 20 YEAR contracts like Cheniere? Enough said on that obviously. And as for China their fracking operations have been far from successful. Will it turn around? Who knows but so far it is not working out so well for them. That was my point which obviously either you did not get or you chose to overlook. Either way you are still an idiot wiffmyanus aka fingerme77.

    • I guess listen to a stranger on a YMB would be smarter the a guy written for a news letter. Oh yes. Why didn't I figure that out.

      The shippers also had long term contracts for their ships. Look where that got them. Lot of broken contracts and a lot of shippers soon to be BK.

      You say fracking isn't going well in China??? Now i know you have no clue about what you are talking about. They just started so nobody knows how it will work out.

      Its okay to pump your stock, but don't come down on everybody who doesn't agree with you. I can see how you got so popular.

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