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  • froglegsaregreen froglegsaregreen Sep 2, 2012 11:24 AM Flag

    For those who have not figured out heres_your_sign

    and purrinkitty are the same, plus god only knows how many others, read this
    Re: Still cant sleep
    By heres_your_signs . 2 days 19 hours ago . Permalink
    Have you tried drinking some warm milk? You like milk right? Pour it in a saucer and lap it up?

    Kind of obvious isn't it. Yet he thinks you all on this board are fools!

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    • I will tell you what is obvious. It is the large number of aliases that attack me. Is it possible there is a different person behind each different alias? Oh hell no. Is it much more probable that just 1 person is behind most of the aliases that attack me? Absolutely. There is no doubt in my mind that this is what is happening with most of the aliases that personally attack me. There is no way there are that many people on this message board each attacking me. Just 1 person is behind most of the aliases and that person is without a doubt in my mind the person behind the alias wiffmyanus. As for your post froglegsaregreen I said before I was poking some fun at pukinkitties who was mocking wiffmyanus with his own wiffmyanuss alias but since it appears you missed that before I am telling you again. And I repeat I am not pukinkitties. Why anyone thinks that shows just what an idiot you really are.

    • He has been a big jerk for a long time, that we all know!!!

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