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  • mktplyr517 mktplyr517 Oct 23, 2012 10:56 AM Flag

    Continued failure of CQP to increase its distribution

    Is really going to start to eat away at the equity value over there which will result in the same result here at LNG

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    • Nobody anywhere expects CQP to increase its distribution for years into the future, so I can't see any sense to your statement.

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      • Yeah... thats what they say about ETP too...

        and sooner or later.... interest rates will rise.. and dogs like CQP and ETP that don't ever increase their distribution will fall further and faster than the MLP group as a whole...

        And don't tell me it will be different this time... because it never is

        and CQP certainly has "out performed" since its recent secondary... best example of dead money I ever saw because numerous further secondaries are necessary... which will all be done at lower value having a greater dilutive effect... and when the equity drops by 15-20% on a secondary... that 8% distribution isn't keeping anyone's head above water....maybe you should get all giggly because the yield increases every time the equity drops

        LNGs only value is in CQP... and as CQP declines so will LNG regardless of hype... every unit of dilution at CQP makes LNGs ownership and share of the revenue stream that much smaller

        and as discussed on many a MLP board..... sustainability of distributions is a key metric... dilutive secondaries only make it that much more difficult to sustain a distribution let alone increase it every Q as a MLP should be doing

    • hey idiot, as long as CQP can maintain its current dist its doing A OK, well at least until Sabine Pass GETS built

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