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  • rvajr1932 rvajr1932 Dec 26, 2012 12:54 PM Flag

    Not suree about the rest of you

    The Dem or Lib. have not put any thing on the table to cut spending all they want is unlimited spending. Which thankgoodness the Cons. are holding the lilne , Gov giveaway is all some people are looking at, We need the pipeline built and looks who is holding that up also Gov. regulations are hurting the economy.

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    • djwebb1212 Dec 26, 2012 1:57 PM Flag

      One it was the Republicans who run up the debt. Same as with Reagan.
      Two: I find it amazeing that People who vote for Republicans think its ok
      for OUR tax money to be used for tax cuts for the rich and corporate welfare. But using OUR tax money for programs that emprove Our standered of living is socialism.
      Three : The economy always does better when Democrats control Gov.

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      • I personaly cannot belive how someone is so stupid to belive that someone who makes a million or more, doesn't pay more taxes than you do, even at today's tax rates. Think about it !!
        It all goes for todays massive unemployment checks which seem to have an unlimited time span, also the food stamp program which gives recipiants twice as much a month as the normal family should have to spend, and what about the massive welfare, which everyone knows would be cut in half if most were forced to get a job. (there's plenty out there but no one is forced to look)
        Let's get REAL

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      • You are obviously a radical, progressive with blinders on & are too ashamed to admit the truth, its obvious.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • "One it was the Republicans who run up the debt."

        Such liberal misinformation.

        Here's a fun, recent, tidbit. In the months of Oct and Nov, the Fed deficit was $272B, more than all of 2007 under Bush.

        Did you know that 20% or so of the total deficit that Bush "ran up" was in his last few months, when he took the guidance of H Paulson (who has disappeared, thank god), and spent all that near $1B on the bank bail out?

        The Pubs did not do a good job at all, they forgot the Pub position of small govt, but compared to BO, they were skinflints.

      • Yes Yes Just look at what happened when Democrats controlled house & senate during the last Bush presidency. Look at how many poor, & ignorant homeowners are loosing their homes or are under water on them and may never fully recover. You may thank #$%$ Frank and his cronies for that. (Wasn't he a democrat) ?

      • The majority of americans want to be taken care of by their govt, so you are definitely in the majority. That ratio will rise in the future as more and more americans become dependent on their govt to take care of them. The days of working hard to live the american dream are over, since close to 50% of one's hard work will be to support people like you.

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