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  • heres_your_signs heres_your_signs Dec 28, 2012 1:30 PM Flag

    What ever happen to that #$%$

    No I am still here wiffmyanus. Or froglegsaregreen if you prefer. Since that is the alias you posted under this time. I have just chosen to ignore most of what you post since pretty much all of it is pure garbage and not worth responding to. Some posters here are idiots but you are without a doubt the BIGGEST IDIOT on this message board at the present time. And the fact that you try to get away with using multiple aliases proves it.

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    • You are really amazing. The only guys you do not say are me are your
      other aliases. I hope you get froggy kicked off that way when I am still here
      posting you can eat your idiotic words.
      Most here already figured you out. That is why none of them respond to you
      or your purringkitty or gemseeker ID's.

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      • Look wiffmyanus I know the aliases you are behind and froglegsaregreen is just one among many that you use. And what I reported was that post you made earlier today as froglegsaregreen. I will not be eating my words if your froglegsaregreen alias is kicked off. I will be happy that one of your aliases is gone. But what would make my year would be to see your wiffmyanus alias get the boot. Now that would be something to celebrate for a very long time.

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