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  • froglegsaregreen froglegsaregreen Jan 9, 2013 11:12 AM Flag

    LNG will do well if NG stays low

    and China doesn't start its own fracking. And if Austrialia doesn't ramp up
    We got a good run up. Now it is time to go to the sidelines and get back
    in after the inevitable 20-25% drop. It has run up quite a bite on future hopes.
    Remember a lot of things still have to fall in place.
    Don't blindly follow Heres_your_sign and wiffmyanus. So far they have been
    correct, but do put on blinders. Take some off the table and reload later.

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    • Contrary to what you say about me wiffmyanus aka froglegsaregreen I have never encouraged anyone to follow me nor have I encouraged anyone to buy this stock. That is not what I do and I challenge you to prove otherwise. What I have tried to do is point out all the negative misinformation put out about LNG on this message board and correct it for the record. There is a lot of it and I try to correct as much of it as I can. BTW what are these lots of things that still have to fall in place? Pretty much everything related to the export project has been signed and sealed. Now it just has to be built and that is already in progress. In fact ahead of schedule I might add. Just trying to correct your misinformation for the record wiffmyanus aka froglegsaregreen.

    • The Port Authority of Corpus Christi just finalized the ship channel land deal for an export treminal which is required for an operating license. This makes way for a second terminal to be producing in 2017. The other at Sabine Pass is the ONLY LNG project that has both a license and firm sales contracts. There are 16 other outfits that are working to build terminals but LNG is going to be first to market well ahead of the competition,

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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