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  • wiffmyanus wiffmyanus Jan 17, 2013 9:07 PM Flag

    Cramer says

    Okay purrinkitty, I mean gemseeker. You are who you accuse others of
    being. It was easy to figure out.

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    • You can call me those other names if you wish wiffmyanus but you have NEVER proven that I use them. Which I do not because I do not use those aliases. I use just the one I am using right now to post this message. On the other hand I HAVE PROVEN that you use multiple aliases. Trying to falsely accuse me of doing what you yourself do does not change the FACT that you use multiple aliases which has been proven. So grow up and stop with your multiple alias game wiffmyanus if you want me to stop pointing it out every time you use one of the many aliases you use other than wiffmyanus.

    • PS I think wiffmyanus is a disgusting alias but if that is the one you want to use then use it and only it. Not any of the others that you have been using on this message board in the past. Enough with your multiple alias game wiffmyanus. It is pathetically childish.

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