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  • heres_your_signs heres_your_signs Jan 25, 2013 8:21 PM Flag

    Holy #$%$!!!!

    I did not stop posting with those other aliases. How could I? Because I am not the person or persons behind those aliases. So I will tell you again. I use only one alias and it is the one I am using right now. You have NEVER proven otherwise. While I on the other hand HAVE PROVEN that you use multiple aliases. So cut the #$%$ wiffmyanus aka blackstinkypuss aka 7 other aliases and stop being the TOTAL IDIOT you always show yourself to be. You are the one who is sick in the mind.

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    • Keep telling yourself that purrinkitty. Funny how after that was pointed out you stopped using that alias and it never showed up again.
      You must think the others on this board are as DUMB as you gemseeker.
      It was funny to watch you argue with your self. Very creative.

    • I do not have to keep telling myself that wiffmy#$%$ aka blackstinkypuss. Because I know what the truth is. But I keep telling YOU that because YOU do not know what the truth is. YOU are a deceitful liar who would not know what the truth was even if it slapped you in the face a hundred times. What is funny is how you can accuse me of using other aliases and yet have provided no proof at all. While I on the other hand HAVE PROVEN that you in fact use multiple aliases. What is even funnier is that even when I point out the fact that you have provided no proof at all that I use those other aliases you accuse me of using all you have done is just talk and nothing else. Where is the proof wiffmy#$%$ aka blackstinkypuss? Until you can do what I have done you are a worthless POS that has no credibility at all. So take that and shove it up your #$%$.

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