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  • laughoutloudfunforall laughoutloudfunforall Mar 12, 2013 8:47 PM Flag

    LNG Buy and Hold

    This is the all time buy and hold stock. I was the one screaming to buy into natural gas when it was $1.50. Made money with UNG. Made money with CHK. Was in and out with ten others (wish I kept HAL). There are five I like. However, I now love LNG. LNG is like an option in reverse. Options degrade over time; LNG will increase in value over time. As the window closes between now and 2015, the stock will rise. It will be forced to rise. It's not if they will be very profitable, it's just when. (2015) They already have Asian contracts and will shortly have European contracts. Few have thought about the European contracts that may come soon. Another bank can and probably will invest. LNG is already in the works of expanding. I personally think the US government will push this along and 2015 will become 2014. It will help the US economy in so many different ways. Should that happen, investors will close the gap and LNG will rise sharply. I truly feel that exports will be much sooner than said. Here is the real deal. This is a stock you just have to buy and hold, because in a day there can be news that will push it very hard. The 78% of institutional investors will not play this stock. They are in lock and hold mode. Just like me. This is as close as you can ever come to a US natural gas export monopoly. As time creeps on, more and more people are going to understand that. Although there are other companies that are scrambling to catch up, they will be years behind. The only way I can see them catching up would be to buy out LNG. Believe me when I tell you it will not be for $30 a share. If the US government allows it, it would be more than twice that price. LNG will have a monopoly for three to five years. Once all of the congressman are well invested, LNG will do very well. (smile) There are also a few other companies that will do very well, but I am not going to speak of them now. Smart investors invest over a long period of time. Sound investments that only go up. Is LNG now a "technically" sound stock? Of course, not. But neither was WalMart before the monopoly. Or Lowes/Home Depot. We can go on and on. If I know this and you know this than Exxon knows that. It would not shock me if Mr. Standard Oil buys out both CHK and LNG if the US government will allow it. Stranger things have happened. Either way you can't lose. Happy investing!

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    • everything you posted is true. i did my reserch a month ago and agree with you 100%. this stock will make people rich if they buy now and hold . i definatly am not selling one share till 2015 because i believe as we get closer to that year this stock will excelerate in price upward. its only a matter of time

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      • hold it, put it away and watch where it goes to even beyond 2015!!! Forget you even own it and let it GROW!!!!

        "Live Long and Prosper"

        Sentiment: Hold

      • laughoutloudfunforall laughoutloudfunforall Mar 12, 2013 10:38 PM Flag

        You understand completely. There is little that can stop this stock, because the large investors are locked in and will not sell. Even if the market turns down -- which I think it will -- the folks shorting the stock a month ago are all down between 10% and 60%. That creates a nice little buffer. I chose to buy this stock via options and am up 55% right now. The percentage of people that will be willing to sell are becoming few. The odds of the stock turning down in a large way is becoming less. That is good. Should the DOW collapse and drag LNG down with more. Without anyone coming out and saying it, our US government wants this to work. There are many, many reasons for that and I would not be surprised if exports start earlier than stated. I also feel the Keystone pipeline will be approved in short order. That's just me. I know nothing of that, now. But it just makes sense. There is also another company that I'm going to be screaming about. But not now. Once the US says yes, I'll be a buyer and I'll be screaming. (smile) It looks to be soon. There is also something going on that few people understand. A part of that process is why the US government wants LNG to succeed. If you continue to read, you will also be able to see it. Most people will not be able to see it, because it is another world. But I can see it and know it to be true. Be safe. Happy investing!

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