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  • vogue1254 vogue1254 Mar 15, 2013 7:19 PM Flag

    ------Spotting Spammers On This & Other Boards--------

    When you click to read the post click on their name then you'll see they just joined on that day or a few days then you look at who replied again these members just jioned on that day or recently. Something is rotten in the state of maine.

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    • By The Way, I've also noticed that as soon as the stock price goes up, the "Reports" increase geometrically. (LNG, HEK)

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • After reading your post, I went back and "Ignored" hundreds of these people on the HEK site. Just to give you a hint on what we're up against, check out the history on one I picked at random (especially the date he joined and the number of posts): pricejonathan597
      343 posts | Last Activity: 6 hours ago
      Member since: Mar 20, 2013
      And to further prove your point, I went over to the FSYS site to "Ignore". I was pleasantly surprised to see that a great deal of them were already ignored (the same posters from the HEK site). This is INCREDIBLY annoying.
      Most posts have a few or several replies, many from familiar names. A lot of the Spammers have 40, 50 or more replies without one single familiar name (unless it's someone pointing out a spammer).

    • One good thing is that when you Ignore one on 1 site it's amazing how many other sites he's also ignored on. In other words it's the same bunch on many different sites. Just sayin'.........

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Forget about the Spam Ads the only report you need to know is the all time high of $44 which LNG is being drawn up to.

    • Spam ads are being kept at the top of this message board by newly joined member most likely generated by the same person.

    • It's been my 1999 experience that something is rotten in Montreal. (smile)

      Thinking anyone can sway a stock like LNG via this board just shows your stupidity. (Add a letter to this URL so Yahoo won't block you and you can see a great report and have the inside scoop on this stock by my guru.) Fools and their money. This board should be an open and serious discussion about LNG. Do you really want to talk about what will happen next? By listening to the fools game, you are so outside of the strike price you will never get back. That's not investing. Now what are they saying?

      Start listening to the folks on this board that understand this business and how and when the US government will support the process. Then you will start to make money. There are reasons why LNG is set to succeed. Why would you not want to have an open and honest discussion about that process and the things that are now influencing that pipeline? I'm scratching my head.

      There are people on this board that understand this business and are worth listening to and learning from. Why waste your time on some idiot from Montreal? Why are my LNG options up 100% and yours are out of the strike price? That's called "real" investing. All is not lost; continue to read. We are only just above ground floor on this next US boom. You have to trust me when I say it is not you that is so's companies like Exxon.

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