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  • heres_your_signs heres_your_signs Jul 3, 2013 6:29 PM Flag

    mother#$%$.jones has to be one of the biggest FOOLS around

    I cannot believe the STUPIDITY of this IMBECILE!!! And the amazing part is that it shows with EVERY POST!!! #$%$ AMAZING!!!

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    • Hi heres_your_sign: I haven't be following the message board for a while, but I've continued to remain long LNG, having been lucky enough to have bought my first batch of shares under $3, and having continued to purchase to $8, with a smaller batch at the $17 area before the end of last year. Have you closed your positions? Are you looking for a reentry point? Just wondering, if you care to share, since we both had to address a lot of a--holes on this board toegether for our conviction on the long case when LNG was a low-priced stock. But if you prefer not to disclose, I'm fine with that. Thanks.

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      • Yes ralph_adamo I have closed my position in this stock. Like you I was sitting on a huge gain and felt the stock had gone about as far as I thought it was going to go in at least the intermediate term. So I sold it all and am just watching it off and on. I will reenter only if the market takes a big dump which I really think it will sometime this year bringing pretty much all stocks down including this one. Good luck to you and keep giving it to the a--holes on this board. Because they deserve getting it.

    • what do you expect? mother fker jones is a freaking communist, as is the whole organization. I really dont care. I am a secessionist. And we will have our homeland void of the socialist /communist influences of federal govt that has lost it's focus and has taken away freedoms under the guise of a progressive movement.

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