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  • smellsfishy27 smellsfishy27 Sep 12, 2013 10:00 PM Flag

    I almost feel sorry for heres_your_sign

    but I can't get myself to. He is such a poor loser.
    Can you imagine the #$%$ he is getting from his old
    lady when she gets home. He already isn't getting any
    so now gets the double wammy. No sex and constant

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    • You do not need to feel sorry for me smellyfish. I already made my killing on this stock and I am very happy with the way it turned out for me. Could I have made more? Sure but I am not greedy. If I had a crystal ball and could predict the exact time to buy when the price is at the very bottom and the exact time to sell when the price is at the very top I would be a stock picking genius but there is no such person as that. And if I was able to do that do you really think I would be posting on this message board at all? As the saying goes pigs get slaughtered and I am not a pig. But you are still childish as ever with comments like that. Seems you will never change in that regard. I know I am right about you smellyfish. Or should I say wiffmyanus. Or any of at least a dozen other names you post under.

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