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  • ksn_44 ksn_44 Mar 8, 2012 9:34 AM Flag

    Any shorts getting nervous?

    I would imagine as the price rises that fear sort of rises also? I wonder how you sleep at night?

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    • why would someone short be afraid of a company whose CEO is a consultant operating out of a Dubai-listed LLC? seriously? you wonder why this joy ride has come to an abrupt halt. everything about these guys smacks of problematic. they have ZERO intellectual property and have spent hundreds of millions buying questionable businesses. to boot, they are competing with some serious companies that actually do have recurring revenue. good luck if you are long this stock.

    • So Keith you think the explosive growth in IPTV worldwide is an illusion? Apple TV is based on TV through the internet and KITD helps content providers squeeze their programs etc into the box. The USA is way behind in adoption of IPTV.
      I see the angst some carry over growth by acquisition but as a result of the land grab Kaleil has the largest percentage of business in the space, worldwide.

    • And that is the beauty of shorting based on fundamentals.

      KITD hints it may be taken out (rookie play by them imho - very easy to see through) as a fluffer tactic to put some icing on the guano they laid out in their pre-release.

      The key to being a successful shorter is not only riding the short momentum, but also exiting before a squeeze, and re-entering just after. You may suffer some drawdown but ultimately it's satisfying.

      Their model is flawed but the problem is all their acquisitions actually have value, so this isn't a case where you can sit it out till BK.

      Essentially if you value this as a "holding company", which it is, you get about $8-9.

      As I have said before, their press release highlighted that fact.

    • Im sure there has been some covering the last few days. In fact, I would say the majority of the buying is short covering since there really isn't any news to generate new buys. I'm thinking they are trying to quietly cover to lock in profits, but with virtually no selling at this level, it's hard to cover without moving the price up.