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  • johnmr12 johnmr12 Mar 15, 2012 12:36 PM Flag

    Let me ask again

    For anyone out there, can you tell me the difference between cash based EPS and income per share? They reported cash based EPS of .37, but that translated to .05 a share in income. Based on that formula, $1.40 in cash based EPS for 2012 equals .19 a share in profit. If they plan on earning .19 a share in 2012, this stock is way overpriced at $8.

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    • Just two words..? Whow, what an eloquence ;)

      Ha Ha, I sense panic among shorts.. obviously they did not cover as much as they expected from the triggered panic-sale.

      Cool, that will be fun.
      Maybe targets between 16$-20$ are quite realistic..

    • praetorian88 Mar 17, 2012 12:55 AM Flag

      Shorts will have to cover, even a small percentage will increase share value.. Thank you for my quick 30 % for the third time.. let's start back filling!! Lol

    • KITD = ponzinomics.

    • Pretty desperate.. aren't you :)
      Trying to scare small retail away.
      But you do not need to worry about what I am supposed to be concerned about KITD.
      If you personally don't like KITD, do not bother to spend time on this board.

      I fact, I am little bit concerned that my employer who ran out of cash about year ago, and yet we are doing well.
      Because what matters is earnings, money flowing in on a regular basis, not temporarily negative cash flow. That can be easily improved by cutting expense.

      Moreover, there are tons of banks all over US and EU with cheap money, begging to finance literally anyone.
      But that is another topic.

      Kitd is a perspective company, little bit struggling with abrupt growth, but they will handle it in couple years or so, no worries about that.

    • Not subject to SEC??



      Washington, D.C. 20549


      FORM 8-K


      Pursuant to Section 13 or 15(d) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934


      Date of Report (Date of earliest event reported): March 15, 2012


      (Exact Name of Registrant as Specified in Charter)

      Delaware 001-34437 11-3447894
      (State or other jurisdiction (Commission File Number) (IRS Employer
      of incorporation) Identification No.)

      26 West 17th Street - 2nd Floor 10011
      New York, New York (Zip Code)
      (Address of principal executive offices)

    • if you want risk reward and a strong balance sheet, try looking at backhaul. WSTL and others are solidly positioned and actually run a real business. KITD is a patchwork of quasi-related small companies with no IP and limited recurring revenue. just because you build it doesn't mean anyone will come.

    • bs. nice try. where is Kaleil's LLC located? do you know? how is Kaleil employed by KITD? do you know? furthermore, earnings are not what investors care about when you are talking start-up. the only thing they care about is positive cash flow. why? because until this minnow stops hemorrhaging, they will have to raise more capital. where's that gonna come from? oh yeah, dilution or worse, convertible preferred with a serious knee capping against any upside for common shares.

      and, yeah, for all intents and purposes, the Czech Republic is an offshore, not subject to SEC jurisdiction. get your facts straight before you spout off blindly about a company that has barely enough cash to last another 2 quarters. u should be more concerned about where your money has been spent by these guys at a rate of $100mm/yr.

    • If you suggest that The Czech Republic is offshore place, then you lost your credibility.
      For those who do not know, but they have development center in Prague because they can find relatively cheap yet skillful programmers here (most of my classmates are programmers, I know what I am talking about).

      Regarding announced move to London, it is imho due to fairly small stock market in Prague (CR is one of the most financially conservative countries in EU). There was another company (NWR) that moved from Prague to London last year to increase its liquidity.

      As for financial results, I say OK, at least some profit capability in these difficult times. Cash flow is secondary, what matters is income, cash will improve sooner or later if there is increase of profitable sales. Which they have.

      Finally, one word for longs. If you sell to shorts cheap, you lost. This company is no trick, dont be scared, that is what shorts want.
      We are all speculating, but what longs need to reaffirm is understanding of fact that KITD shorts WILL HAVE TO cover a huge amount of sold stock. And there is no one else who can sell it to them than us longs. Do not sell below 14$ and short squeeze will come.

    • it's a sweet model if you can get away with it long enough to suck in retail to bid the shares higher while you sell off via related party transactions. the bottom line is if this guy is monetizing thru off shores, he isn't subject to any meaningful penalty here in the US since the company isn't located here.

      gonna be interesting hearing their explanation for why they've made zero progress with getting listed in London?

    • JumpTV, trading under the symbol NLN on the Toronto exchange, is now trading at $.25/share. According to NTN's last 10Q, it has accumulated losses of $72 million. I did not dig deeply, but it also appears that NLN does not have a record of actually creating net income for its owners (aka shareholders).

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