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  • roiresearch roiresearch Feb 11, 2013 11:03 AM Flag

    Quiet week with Chinese New Year

    Hopefully earnings is still on for this Friday. The company tends not to PR the ER date if the earnings aren't going to be good, IMHO.

    I was thinking a good way for CDII to get all of the Chinese stocks they brought public is to give a one time distribution to shareholders of CDII. That would also unlock the value of all these holdings to the CDII shareholders. Even if the ratio comes out to 1 share of CEII, ZYCI, etc... for every 100 or 1000 shares of CDII you own, it's better than the hoarding of these stocks the company has been doing which has ZERO value to CDII shareholders.

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    • dcwold Feb 12, 2013 10:13 AM Flag

      maybe, but with CEII (their biggest stock investment) dropping 30pct yesterday even if China is on holiday this week, it is not something that looks too rewarding to own.

    • peter_lo Feb 11, 2013 6:33 PM Flag

      Normally, a company don't issue an earning on Friday. The earnings issued on Friday is either very good or very bad. Most of times, it is a bad sign since the main reason to issue on Friday is to lock out a potential panic trading. What is the potential bad news? Go under? From recent news release, there is no reason to believe CDII would do that. If CDII can survive in next half year without loss a lot of money, CDII's stock should recover from here.

    • They don't care about you! So, that's the last thing that would happen. The people running this ring appear to be more concerned with issuing themselves shares in these so called companies then even the shares they give CDII. As evident from all the shares PR Richard apparently received on ZYCI for some reason according to Internet documents. So, obviously there's no way that's going to happen. Lol.

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      • Yes, the care more about themselves than shareholders. China Direct used to be much better at the acquisition game. Management recently has lost their way. When the businesses they owned were growing at rapid pace and CDII's revenues jumped from next to nothing to over $150,000,000, CDII gained exposure. During that run, CDII predicted revenues were to grow to $240,000,000. This is where the stock fumbles and now revenues are now back around $100,000,000. CDII cut dead weight by getting rid of Lang Chemical and CDI Beijing. CDII is an incubator of companies. They are not a magnesium company. They are a holding company. That is why you believe CDII was in the cigar biz. Not sure if you came across the auction biz yet. Back in 2007 CDII got involved with magnesium and zinc and instead of being an incubator of Chinese companies, they saw something in MG and said that is what they wanted to be but never 100% committed to it. They were still helping other companies go public, but this time just for management fees: CEII, CHLO, ZYCI, SUNW, etc... they even tried to expand into the clean energy field but that failed. Management has to chose what they want CDII to be. IMHO to unlock shareholder value, CDII needs to start spinning off these companies as stock dividends to current shareholders in CDII to show the true value. CEII and ZYCI appear to be growing companies, but under the umbrella of CDII, they appear nothing more than a scam. Get them out form underneath the parent company and give this stock a direction.

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