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  • hajohn08 hajohn08 Mar 14, 2005 9:00 AM Flag

    this piece of crap hasn't even

    You've been outted, poorinvestor. Slink away, far away.

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    • hajohn08 and others == I am guessing that all of you are still continually making investor or whatever the hell his name is happy by continuing to reply to his drivel. Since I have had him on ignore I have missed a lot of posts, none of which I am sure have been interesting. Still, I would say that more than half of what I am reading seems to be directed at that idiot. Why don't we all just put him on ignore, and stop answering, that's exactly what he is looking for, attention.
      As I have stated previously, there is nothing wrong with SFI, the stock is 3 bucks of its high for the last year, please ignore that poor deluded man. LOL. JMHO


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      • family, you are right about the ignore feature. Given the predominately institutional ownership of the company, crap from the poster does not affect the stock price. However, for the new small retail investor taking a look at the board, it could be helpful to counter the turd. I guess you're still right and will just let time take care of the turdmeister.