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  • burritosburritos burritosburritos Jul 9, 2008 9:49 PM Flag

    Anyone participating in SFI's drip?

    I've been participating in this SFI's monthly DRIP for about 7 years. Only in the last year, I've been following the stock, cause of the price tank. As long as the company doesn't belly up, I'm fine, cause I'm getting more shares every month.

    Also, anyone notice there hasn't been any insider shares for more than a year? Isn't that a good sign?

    Throw me a bone people.

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    • I am in the DRIP for SFI. There has been quite a bit of insider buying and no selling. I also buy some shares to trade through another account. Sold all on the last run back up to the 20's... and now I have rebought them and hope to do it again. I let the DRIP just accumulate. Unfortunately the drip is at a substantial loss. Profits on the trades help ease the pain. Enter sfi here to see insider transactions.

    • Not in the drip but I reinvest the amount of the dividend the morning the stock goes ex-dividend, with the price drop. The when the actual dividend comes in I use the money to do the same in the next quarter. I dont pay any fees or commissions in my brokerage account so its easy.

      My average has fallen to about 15 including dividends so any pop and I am back in the blank.

      If SFI survives and pays only 50% of the current dividend, I will have a home run. So that is my worse case 50% dividend cut and SFI trdaes above 15 in the long term.

      This still equates to about 15% compounded annual return. If SFI does better than this, well you can do the math!