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  • billsplumbing2007 billsplumbing2007 Dec 3, 2008 3:44 PM Flag

    For 2.65 you get a pref share

    Are you people chasing a rainbow or money..Buying a PREF share gives you cumulative dividends of 2.00 a share for a 2.65 purchase??? The common will not pay a dividend for at least 3 quarters..WHY they have to pay the PREF shares

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    • Bottom Line:
      Common - no divvy announced for 3rd, doubtful in 4th qrt...

      Preferred 3rd qrt divvy will be paid on 12/15.

      I'm not going to be trading in & out - trying to pick bottoms and highs - too easy to get caught even with loss limits in this market...

      Right now my only bet in SFI is 2,500 preferred @ $3.17 ... wait, make that 2,500 @ $2.6825 on 12/15. So if SFI survives - my cost bases goes down - with almost 100% certainty (remember - I said if they are surviving..) each quarter on the preferred.

      However, if they were to combine, merge, taken over / private - they can buy my preferred for $25 each and the common would get - whatever, if anything. AND if they go bankrupt - I can give you examples of several BK companies who paid off the preferred - not all do, but that has a better chance of happening than the common getting a dime.

      So continue this debate - for my risk / reward tolerance - I'm in the preferred camp but hey - don't we all want to see THE COMPANY do well so we all win ???

    • I had forgotten over the years about quantumonline. I'll look at that one again as it is nice to have a direct link to the prospectus. I have been going to and that way it becomes tedious to look through all of the filings for a
      company to find the preferred prospectus one is looking for.

    • I found a lot of good information on this message board but under the topic about cash flow analysis. This message board has a lot of value!

    • First of all, will the company sell you some preffered? Of course not. Besides, you can't just go buy 500 prefered like we do now.

    • Goldman has 2.3 mil shares SFIpD

    • Don't recall addressing the share price, just the factual errors and innuendi in the prior post.

      In case you haven't noticed, many shares are selling at ridiculous prices.

      I'm delighted to hear the analytical negatives about SFI, since I'm an investor, not a martinet, but couldn't find any in the instant post, or in your post for that matter.


    • Aha, so many positives about pfd. Lets see common up 50%, pfds down about 40%. Suddenly 10 or 15 new posters to SFI board, but there is no multi alias crew. What's the yapoo limit on aliases? 10 or 20? Between the new postings crew and your last post... Welcome to the idiots list. BaaByyy.


    • Got a link for that 'no divi in commons for 3 qtrs'? Oh, that's right no links for BS. The ACTIONS of SUGAR sure don't seem to indicate that.


      • 2 Replies to shaman_nation
      • I would bet money that vince and his crew will not say a single word if divys start getting paid to common shareholders next quarter. And those jokers will be gone forever if those divys pay 50 cents or more.

        Anyway, some of us like me bought at 1 dollar (1.01 actually but I sold yesterday at 1.50 and bought back 10% more shares at around 1.35 in the after hours) and people like me are in here for the long haul. i will probably hold my shares for 5+ years. I personally dont care if they dont pay divys next year at all. I know they WILL eventually pay dividends and even if in 2 years they are only paying 25 cents per quarter, I will be doing better than 99% of the market by getting that 100% return per year on my investment. Heck...the stock only has to go up about another 44 cents and i've doubled my money (the equivalent of getting a 1 dollar divy) I bought SFI on oct 28 and im up 56% If i had bought the PFDs the same day instead of the common, I would've paid about 3 dollars per share(high of the day was 3.15) After 50 cents divy, thats 2.50-2.65 per share which is the same price we are at today, EXCEPT i would have 2/3rds less shares. So really pfds would've been worse for me. I'm up 56% in about 5 weeks, and you pfds are up squat in the same time period even with your divy. In fact if you bought in november, you are probably down a buck or so a share and you guys are talking about your 73% per year when I am up almost that much in 1 month. Are you freakin' kidding me? R U KIDDING ME???

        AND YOU VINCE!!! Dont get me started...I know you were pushing the PFDs when they were at 4 bucks per share...hows that 50 cent divy working for you these prices you only need to wait for 2 more divy payments or 6 more months to get EVEN! So until your trading account is actually in the green, why dont u shut your freakin' mouth and let those of us who are actually making money right now, make our money in peace because we dont like taking advice from people whos accounts are down 22%(even with the divy payment)in 4 weeks telling us when/what we should/shouldnt buy.


      • I see the vince phoney alias is back along with several of the multialias 'crew'. PFD falling, yet there is need of multi aliases here pumping them. I wonder why? Let's see, they made 50 cents on pfds that cost them between 3 and 4 bucks. LOSING TRADE. If they get to a 50 cent premium, worth a buy, otherwise commons are the way to go. liquidity, pps potential, small spread, no cap.


    • some guy in here thinks the common will be 30 by next year so that will make up for his lost div....what a laugh huh...

    • But you get paid ahead of any common shares?? Buy the PREF

      its the only way to go..Im telling you Common wont see a penny dividend for at least 1 yr

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