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  • snowy.drift snowy.drift Dec 18, 2008 3:08 PM Flag

    The street 12/14/08

    So we should all panic and sell because some outside rating agency, who is so trust worthy and is always correct and above board, says sell it.

    I see you post these regularly. I feel sorry for you if you trade with this garbage and I mean garbage. These agencys are just like the ponzi scheme run by Madoff. Way too much power for one institution.

    Also, it is old news. Hmmmm aren't scared are you? Makes me smile :-)

    Good bye


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    • snowy.drift,
      Thanks for the laugh.First of all ,I'm holding and reinvesting my dividends .All the way to the bottom if that is where they go.Unless they stop their dividends that is.But I hope most of them come back up in the long run.
      I'm sure you're much smarter than I.But if I were you ,I would diversify my holdings .You know, like don't put all of you money in one sector.
      Well ,best of luck to you.Smile and have a good day anyway.

      • 1 Reply to wareham2620
      • Find it extremely interesting that one such as you posts this garbage on several different boards and then claims to be long. Get real bud!

        BTW, I'm already set very nice and up again today :-) how about you?

        My REIT portfolio is doing nicely. My tech portfolio is up and after the last many days, can you guess how my precious metals are doing?

        I do not post everywhere on purpose. But you sir are a joke. Posting garbage with an agenda to cause fear.

        Find a job and learn to stop trying to exploit peoples fear.

        Joyful day to you