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  • snowy.drift snowy.drift Dec 18, 2008 5:32 PM Flag

    The street 12/14/08

    Sure do agree with that.

    Use to play the SPY's and QQQQ's and XLF and XHB solely for quite some time. Did well for a bit, along with China stocks for magnesium.

    Finally, got my head served to me on a silver platter too many times due to shorts on the ETF's. Did well with the China plays and then got stopped out of them

    Now after the fed announcement, I personally feel the reits will struggle, but survive. Of Course now is the time to invest while so many are pushing sell, sell, sell. Trying to setup my portfolio for divys to live on starting sometime late in 2010 and 2011. SO I am just accuming here, not trading anymore.

    Actually, according to Robert McHugh, Ph.D., Peter Elliades, and Tom Prindivale, which are all great tech chart analysts, we should expect a good run for a few months, with minor pullbacks. Then sometime next year, not specific yet, but they will be, expect a massive correction to the downside. All are predicting this, along with a few other analysts I follow.

    So I may sell sometime like June of next year, only to load up again. I have many divy plays right now. They have all been so slaughtered(before I bought any of them), that even when the market goes down a ton, they hold up fairly well and even go up when the market falls, like today with SFI. I bought 2k more today. IMO, there is something amiss and someone very big is accuming SFI here. Could be the CO, but we will see very shortly.

    Joyful day to all

    Snowy - been snowing all day. Have many feet of snow outside. Sure is beautiful, but now I may have to start shoveling :-}