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  • mullyjay mullyjay Oct 28, 2010 3:32 PM Flag

    $4.00 Imminent Folks

    Good day for iStar; great to get near $4.00; will be interesting to see action tomorrow, can we push on.

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    • Mr. Burns: "Excelllennttttt."

    • [Talk to me about selling if we hit 6. ]

      Did I say, "Sell.", anywheres? No... I said, currently,
      "Hold." I called the recent low too, if anyone recalls...
      bull crack, it's good for your wallet sometimes.

      Y'know, I find all of your protestations about
      a pullback from a pop to be... insecure. As if
      you all know nothing goes straight North, or East.

      Yeah, you all know.

    • [hyrule, you can throw your techincals out the window on this one.]

      Have you noted the bid/ask?

      Bid: 3.55 x 10000
      Ask: 4.06 x 2000

      See you down below, Davey. Smart folks do not chase.
      Especially distressed assets.

      Just give me some time to prove the idea,
      right here with SFI.

      The strong bid lies at the 5 SMA. This
      is just the way it always goes, you longs will
      get your runs, with my and others aid... but,
      you will not just breakout at the 250 SMA
      with the 20 SMA at $3.30. SFI has some work to do.

      If you know this stock, then you know very well
      pops like this are always following by a dance with
      the 5 SMA as we accumulate, sell some over $4,
      buy it back... I am going to try to catch a groove on this one,
      like I did with SSN. Wish me luck, you cantankerous
      longs, I am a friend of SFI, *and you should want me to get a really good price.*

      My pals...

    • and note too that SFI's cds price is still more than double Greece's.

    • I am simply addressing your statement about pops, this one is not P/E expansion, or super earnings. It has a touch of a dawning realization that perhaps these guys are not to be written off, and discount to book might be a little harsh.

      Now, if you had two years studying this company, I would not be in anyway condescending, I just happen to believe your not up to speed on iStar; so I feel it is more or less easy to discount your ramblings.

      This board tends to be a little more specific than posting quotations continuously; but I don't mind reading them. Keep it up.

      I might not be posting on this board for a long time, but have been reading it for years, and followed iStar for many like to keep it relevant, you know?

      I'll be here tomorrow.

    • Excellent. Lets hope we can consolidate around this level and then push on.