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  • jersey27fan jersey27fan Jul 2, 2013 9:52 AM Flag

    SFI News

    I find it difficult to deal with Yahoo's "rules" on postings. When I think I've understood what is possible to present, and how to do that - I'm surprised again - and something I wish to post is withdrawn, sometimes even after it has been published.

    Case in point "Grand Vista" - a former DaimerChrysler near Phoenix AZ.

    I "published" a long article on SFI's plans for reclamation of the project - that Toll Bros. paid over $300M for in 2005, and that has now become an SFI property.

    I won't repeat the info I tried to communicate earlier - instead I'll tell you how you can find information on that property and other properties SFI owns that appear in the news.

    Go to Google Alerts and enter "SFI" or "IStar financial" or both - as I have and you'll get a couple of articles a week - some on point - others not - the "iStar" apparently casts a wider net than does SFI.

    The latest article on this property is out of the SF Chronicle, on July 1 - a reprint of Lesley Wright's article that appeared in The AZ Republic.

    I can understand why so many people have abandoned these boards for other venues.