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  • stembrio stembrio Jan 6, 2007 12:03 PM Flag

    Dr West - your CEO

    Dr. West is the reason I like this stock. He was CEO of Geron, the company that teamed with WARF in the discovery of stem cells. He is a dynamic leader, and he moved Advanced Cell Technology (ACT) to California (last year?) to take advantage of prop 71 money. This money should be available soon, and it is 3 billion dollars (300 million over 10 years) that is to be used for ONLY embryonic stem cell research. ACT and Geron are the only 2 private companies in California that use EMBRYONIC stem cells.

    Last year, with all of the controversy over embryonic stem cells, ACT patented a method to use embryonic stem cells WITHOUT killing the embryo. Bush, in another demonstration of his lack of foresight, failed to appease the majority of Americans who want stem cell research and he vetoed the bill to increase funding in spite of ACT's new patent.

    Maybe this will be the year that our healthcare system begins to change from a drug based, keep them alive system, to a CURE THE DISEASE system.