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  • autopick3 autopick3 Apr 11, 2007 11:45 AM Flag

    Oh, here comes the clown from

    kansas again. Boy, that state must be embarassed with this bozo talking now. His arguments are way off base and he keeps coming to the topic of cloning. Is that all he can think of? Has he been watching the sci-fi channel or something? He's talking about the small dollars spent already when we're spending billions and billions on the Iraq war??? This time around he's speaking a little louder so that he can appear to make more sense this time. What a maroon.

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    • Two of my fiends have had adult Stem cell therapy....both now are no better, but worse....I found out from one of these guys yesterday and he told me that he was told to actually get his papers in order because they didn't give him much more time to live.....So these Senators against this vote should go and visit thats 0 out of two for Adult Stem cells working in my life....This guy was told at the Mayo Clinic that the minor chance of the adult sc's working for him, would be 10 fold if they could've use EC's instead...He is facing his death everyday....His hope is diminishing every minute.