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  • bucks2pennies bucks2pennies Apr 29, 2008 4:06 PM Flag

    It is just talk

    I really do appreciate the DD some on this board do - and share with those of us that just talk it to death. However, opinions are what make the world go-a-round. If an opinion is expressed by someone that has a proven record of smart investments...people listen and make investment moves regardless whether this particular opinion is unsubstantiated by DD. In other words - that "gut" feeling plays a greater roll than reams of paper. At some point an investment decision is made with NO guarantee that the decision will result in a gain...or for that matter, less of a loss. What follows a decision though, is optimism! Optimism that the decision was a correct one. While the truth be solely dependent on time, we wallow in optimistic discourse (either positive or negative depending on the choice made)while we wait it out. IMHO, this is the rules of the game - believing that, why get nasty about? Time will tell who umongst us were sound investors!

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    • Steve,

      Finally sent the note...
      Look forward to corresponding with you.

    • Steve,

      I hear what you're saying, but if they don't get another infusion of cash stat, they won't be around in the fall. Where do you think it will come from?

      I agree with the mini-surge in volume. Something is up. Plus, the bump from two days ago was clearly not of the dead cat nature IMHO. If it were, it would have pulled back to pre-bump levels already.

      Just my $.02. That would be 1/5 of a share right now...


    • ps. I see that Geron is still dropping as well. Who can really figure?????

      Long live MCD.


    • Regen. Hey. I hope the day goes by well for you. I thought you were going to send a note?

      On your post: I'm as frustrated with the performance of the company as most. There are times, I must admit, that I want to hang Bill Caldwell up by his ears but then, after all is said and done...this is the way it goes. I sense many of the cry-babies lost bucks when the pps fell ( long before I got here ).

      The point is that this is relative to when someone gets in. My position is far greater than many/most others. So is my DD and interest in finding out and reporting on what I can.

      Obviously 'something' is happening because we're seeing a little mini volume rush here. To be honest about it I've stopped worrying about what is today/tomorrow and am simply going to do my thing and buy on Fridays and let this get me into the Fall. I'll be good with the science, the situation, and the Congress.


    • Steve,

      I have come to terms with my doubts and I am now convinced that your approach is the best one to take. I have been buying, I will continue to buy and support this company and have elected not to complain should the pps continue to drop. Why?? Simply put - I believe, not only in the science, but in the approach the company is taking (although I can't claim that I have not suffered great frustration. People must realize, and clearly do based on some of the posts on this board, that there are times when a company in ACT's position have limited options (in terms of financing).

      I feel comfortable stating that while their financial situation does leave room for doubt, I do believe (based on my digging and poking) that this company will enjoy better times ahead.

      Have a great day.

    • <<Time will tell who umongst us were sound investors!>>

      bucks, anyone who bought ACTC was not a sound investor, but instead was a speculator. And there's nothing wrong with that, its just that we shouldn't confuse gambling with sound investing.

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      • Keep... thanks for not hammering me on the misspelled word... Sound investing is relative. For those of us that can not afford the IBMs, US Steels and AT&Ts, 'cheap' stocks are our only game. Even those blue chip stocks I mentioned above have been a gamble or speculative investment...not everyone who invested in those stocks walked away winners! That applies to all stocks...'rich' or 'poor'. "Sound" investment means no more than doing your homework - that stock picks are chosen based on some numbers crunching and a lot of DD rather than simply a dart pitch. Speculation, yes. Gamble, yes... no escape from that aspect of investing. Yet, although we differ on our opinion regarding investing in ACTC - both of us have chose to hang our hat on what we believe is a 'sound' hook. Your homework has led you to stay away. Mine, well, has given me the confidence to lay my $$ down. Time will tell who actually has fared better (one of our hooks will fall). LOL