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  • steve83v steve83v Mar 16, 2009 8:09 PM Flag

    Stem Cell Crave Over!

    Maybe now some of you will realize that the PPS is going no where but down. I would say a third bought in around .20-.29, another at .10-.19, and the last group was lucky and bought under .10. Unless you have been averaging and down wasting your money then two thirds of you have lost money in hopes of the next cisqo. Well I hate to say it but Stem Cell Research isn't on track for where you thought it was going. This will be considered a "Bash" by others, but be realistic. Stay away from the "Sexy" stocks or you will be the pig that get's slaughtered. Do yourself a favor and get out while you can, otherwise you're going to be holding some heavy baggage the next few years.

    I'm done on this message board. I followed it just to buy and sell on news. The only news now however, will be your portfolio holdings in stem cell companies withering away.

    So go ahead pumpers, continue to give hope and inspiration. You will still have followers like a cult, and you'll follow this sector till it gives you gray hair.

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