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  • evilpickemking evilpickemking Jun 14, 2009 2:10 PM Flag

    I think I can make it now the rain is gone!


    So this is a very old post and I think I'm letting my ego get the best of me. But oh, well
    I am trying to get inspired to write another. The next trading day we went to .29 I was just kinda thinking that the price today is very similar.

    Jan. 23

    Today was a historic moment in our nation's history. The announcement of the first embryonic stem cell study for spinal injuries is nothing short of spectacular. After just a few short days in office, the new pro-science administration granted Geron federal permission for the landmark study. The door has been opened to infinite possibilities. We will bring sight to those who can't see. Those who can't walk, may once again. The journey in which we have embarked promises to take us beyond our wildest imagination.

    The new heads of the FDA and NIH have not yet been decided. The ban prohibiting ESC funding has not yet been revoked. That being said, it is evident that a new era has been ushered in by President Obama. Dr. Andrew Von Eschenburgh, head of the FDA under the Bush administration, resigned on inauguration day. With today's news, it is apparent that these agencies will now take a more open-minded approach. They will put progress ahead of ideology.

    FDA approval of an ESC human trial is a long awaited milestone that ushers in a new sense of hope for the chronic sufferer and the scientific community at large. Brilliant scientists like Dr. Robert Lanza of Advanced Cell Technology can now see the light at the end of the tunnel. The company will diligently push forward in it's Retinal Pigment Epithelium Cell program, one of many programs that will become a reality now that there is a more progressive outlook.

    The potential markets for stem cell therapy are vast, from Alzheimer's to Zollinger-Ellison Syndrome. Advanced Cell Technology (ACTC) owns or licenses over 380 patents or patent applications related to stem cell therapy. Their Myoblast Program has clearance from the FDA to begin Phase 2 human clinical trials. This is an exciting time for stem cell research and ACTC is poised to lead the way.

    From an investment point of view, there may not be a better sector than stem cells and within the sector, perhaps no better stock than ACTC. Their EPS growth realistically could know no bounds over the next 10 years. The $0.16 price today is a gift for investors who are wise enough to see the potential. The PPS could very well reach 20 times its current valuation within the next couple years. Trading in the $3 to $5 range is by no means unrealistic.

    Ask yourselves, do you want to make money while helping fund a science that will potentially save you or one of your loved ones from a debilitating disease? If the answer is yes, I suggest you buy ACTC Monday morning. What would you pay to restore your eyesight from macular degeneration? Imagine Grandma looking into her grandchild's eyes and smiling. Is she smiling because you just put $100,000 into the kid's college fund... or is it that she can now see their smiling face?

    Peace! Evilpickemking

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