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  • whenwrightiswrong whenwrightiswrong Jun 25, 2009 2:26 AM Flag

    Grow UP

    I buy stocks trading on different exchanges, and could care less which one. Its all about volume, liquidity and moves. The rest is just nonsense. Look back: the biggest and most touted on the NY Stock Exchange: (GM, various Banks, and other pumped and hyped stocks CRASHED.) Lost folks more money than any micro cap I know of. So the argument about big, the exchange etc. IT IS CRAP - Booya tout TV stuff. You can lose money ANYWHERE, it IS that simple.
    Now as for ACTC: in the right area NOW. There is no taking away from the fact that there is volume and UPWARD price movement. When you double, triple and even quadruple your investment, it is good, and on this volume great, as you can do whatever you like. Buy, sell, hold. NOBODY here knows what is going on, that is obvious. I like ACTC. The science, the action, and the future potential. It can trade on the Mongolian Exchange for all I care, with this action. LOL