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  • ftlauderdalebythesea ftlauderdalebythesea Jun 25, 2009 11:22 AM Flag

    ALl I know is.............

    When it comes to ACTC here in the short term, nobody knows nothing, me included.

    It has an equal chance of dropping big, dropping a little, going up a little, going up big, or staying flat.

    Pump, bash, all you want, the bottom line is no one knows anything.

    Go figure.

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    • ftlauderdale.....did you also know that Shaq is going to cleveland? LoL

    • You got it right DyO. It's a 50/50 call but I may have to take back the autographed copy of "Percentrism."

    • Pink sheet stock. Remember? ya dont buy them.

    • Listen, everyone on here knows youre one of Normy's kool-aid drinking cult members who most likely got his ass handed to him with the rest of the suckers at Normy's confrences.

      So keep up with the personal attacks, you make it more and more obvious what a child you are, and I thought you were on ignore but here you are back again.

      Talk all you want kid, I wont be listening.


    • I rest my case, you just dont get it, and obviously never will.

      Come on, tell me again how I'm here hyping ACTC down with some hidden agenda so that I can buy it cheaper.

      Maybe I'm here because it's something to do in between trades, maybe I'm here because I still own a nice chunk of ACTC, hmmm, what a crazy idea that would be?

      Any other theories you might have, i need another BIG BIG laugh.

      Go figure.

    • Do you really have any idea at all just how utterly moronic you sound.

      Im going to "stir up home hysteria" on a Yahoo penny stock board in an effort to drop the stock price down so that I can buy it for cheaper?

      Please, tell me again so I can understand fully, because I'm still laughing at how completely idiotic you are.

      Ya think maybe I actually have a lot of experience in the markets and with stocks and was just simply reminding some folks who might be getting caught up in all the hype what happened to others who got cuaght up in the hype before and soon got their asses handed to them after? Ya think?

      Like I havent seen it happen 10,000 times before.

      Go figure.


    • We all know what you are saying and agree, as with any stock, it can fall with or without reason, but your motive for posting is quite simple, as you even stated, you are not into trading for the pennies, so your effort to possible stir up some hysteria to take it back to a dime will give you the opportunity get back in for another big move up. The previous poster pointed out that a strong base has formed for stabilty in the low twenties. This doesn't bode well for your desires. the volitility in this one is shrinking for you. Get a long position.

    • I was one one who bought in the .20's but have bought all the way down to .09. Sure glad I did.

    • Sorry that folks like you take it so personally and need to be reminded about the 1000's, yes 1000,s of posts the last time ACTC was here, telling us all how "this time is different" "its going to the moon", "the charts look good", blah blah.

      And I guarantee there were many who bought in the 20's then who watched their ACTC investment get more than cut in half shortly after, so try again in thinking that it was so easy making money in ACTC this past year.

      I'm simply the voice of reason, and my voice comes from experience.

      Dont even try and put me in the same sentence as that farce Normy either because I have no agenda, Im not here looking for suckers to join me on some BS confrence, and I really dont need compliments or to be placed on any pedestal.

      Go figure.

    • You guys need to read , you completely misconstrue what's been said, completely.

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