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  • woooods4949 woooods4949 Jul 22, 2009 9:17 AM Flag

    A real question

    Now with the recent filing of the quarterly report, are they current in their financials, or do they still need to complete the filing for the 2nd quarter? If they will still need to complete the 2nd quarterly report, how long would that take approximately?

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    • No, I am Spartacus.

      Low volume, larger time gaps between trades, and average amount per trade over $2,000 = another move very soon.

    • No I am thewicks17.

    • Hey, Elvis is on a health kick again, lost a lot of weight, doing the karate stuff and is back to the buck private hair cut again. He just went over to the Papaya Juice stand to see what the folks think of it. He said he thinks MJ may show up there today, too.

    • evil, the best thing about my forced ID change is that boots, after including elk_l as one of omniflourishing multiple IDs here, will now decide that elk8l is absolutley not the former elk_l.

    • Tert, tert, now, evil. Yes the elk8l is a genetic transformation of the elk_l but it did need a Toll-like Receptor (TLR) agonist and used the A H1N1 virus to transport the approriately clipped segments to make it come about because Yahoo itself had a case of the Swine flu.

    • lacervap Jul 22, 2009 1:46 PM Flag

      and NOW, you are The Walrus...!

    • wicks, I should have and forgot to point out that Yahoo seemed to totally screw up my account, the biggest problem being that none of my posts were going through, and nothing on their Help page could do anything and the only live help I could get (now very limited) said they couldn't do anything and couldn't get me to anyone who could (very frustrating). So I had no choice but to cancel my account and sign up again.

      So be assured that the former elk_l is now elk8l.

      And, to be clear, I was just kidding you and perna about boots accusation. As I recall, boots even thinks that "I am you and you are we, and me are we, and we are perna, and just about everyone else (except boots) and we are all together, choo..."

      but, again, it is true that the former elk_l is now elk8l (and is still a true believer in ACTC and is still a one taimie kind of guy!).

    • lacervap Jul 22, 2009 1:38 PM Flag

      Now - this is funny!!
      i've known this person for over fifty years and have hurled every known and unknown insult, slander and degradation the human mind has ever contrived forthwith, much with the same genuine lack of linguistic self-control, that's what a$$hole buddies are for..but this (mis)nomer has to be the best one yet!
      yes sir, that's a damn good one. This could end up being right there with online dating! Cyber-compliments!!! Trust me, what you read is what you get!
      by the way, ol perna has owned this stock longer than any computer - way before the single digits - don't believe for a minute you're talking about someone as complex and sophisticated as your accusations suggest.
      maybe if you flipped wicks around in a cement mixer for a few weeks or something...
      hahahahahahhah tooooo damn funny......."wicks"...that's priceless!!!!!!!!!!!

    • And its clear that your ID is a rip off of Elk's, that your ID is 2 days old and that you only post on actc and spng (hmm, what other ids do we know on spng).

      Good day to you sir.

    • It's too late, perna, boots has revealled the truth, and even the snakes are rattling about it, now.

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