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  • oldjetty1 oldjetty1 Aug 5, 2009 4:22 PM Flag

    Only other person with any sense on this board is Wicks$$

    Goldbyar: I trusted you and feel betrayed. I invested much of my savings in this stock and feel sad at the way it has performed. I thought the other people were just being mean to you but it turns out they were right. I've come to the conclusion that you do not know what you are talking about and you are just blowing smoke.

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    • Speaking as a third-party observer . . .

      and not trying to defend anyone else who really is overly optimistic here -

      You obviously don't know what you're doing, unfortunately. You probably should never have invested in this stock or any individual stocks and maybe not the stock market at all.

      However, it's my honest expectation - and I'm just another poster and investor like you, that if you did not buy at anything above 25 cents, you'll at least get your money back if you don't sell (because of a failure to understand investing in stocks means going up and down volatilely - it's NOT a CD you know) - and you might even make a LOT of money, despite yourself. If you're patient. But you seem like a jumpy, impatient investor who doesn't understand what he has gotten into.

      If you do remain patiently invested and maybe even make a lot of money, or sell too early to just get back your investment - promise me one thing... You'll never do this again.

      Your just are not up for it. You need to go to a class and learn about investing or something, and then only put at risk what you are willing to lose. And honestly, it's not worth the stress for someone who doesn't know what they are doing and is gambling with their critical savings. So even if you're lucky here because you picked well, and you're patient - despite your bad judgment trusting a bulletin board poster - don't take from that ultimate positive result that you're a good stock picker. I know a friend who made 10 M in one year, and lost it again, the next year, because he confused the fact that his friend was a first employee at a bubble company, during bubble years - and he bought... with the idea that he was a great investor. He actually thought he was sophisticated, and ignored countless people who gave him good advice.

      If you don't sell, and do well, it will be despite your own naive but well intentioned instincts. Don't do this again. Do some dollar cost averaging on a broad and diversified portfolio, with good advice - or stick it in treasuries - or put it in a few banks to get maximum deposit protection.