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  • bucks2pennies bucks2pennies Aug 13, 2009 2:26 PM Flag

    Right or Wrong?

    Too many investors look at pennys as a fast buck game. Can be...but buying a penny stock can also be a long term investment.

    No one can predict success consistently over a long period of time daytrading or short-term holding.

    However, statistics indicate that there is a high level of probability that selecting a viable company to invest in over the long term will result in success (gains) for the period held.

    Longs here have already determined that ACTC is viable for the long haul. Gains will accrue - getting in early and staying simply means profits will be greater over the long stay - that is a decision I have made and like ANYONES investment decision, the degree of success depends on it...knowing quite well, not every decision turns out right.

    Longs, shorts and bashers need to compare notes in 3 years to see who's decision won out.

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