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  • splungecake splungecake Sep 23, 2009 3:37 PM Flag

    For those who are thinking about selling

    ACTC is a triple if BTIM gives them a stake in their new subsidiary. Recyte has not been announced yet, HOLD!

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    • Sell, run and sell, scream sell.

      Forget the 'If" "When" statements from the pumpers.

      Fundamentals are that they will offer 100 million plus shares to the market soon and the impact wil be disatrous to present share holders.

      Read the company news the stock dilution has been approved when it hits this pig will nose dive.....

      Keep you hard earned money this is stock a SCAM the company is going bankrupt

    • Is there any reason for Btim to give a stake to ACTC? I did not see that anywhere. Sounds like wishful thinking. Unfortunately much of ACTC has moved to Btim and it is reaping the rewards not ACTC. The hope for ACTC is in its clinical eye program. But even there the company has not shown they can deliver so the risk is high.

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      • BTIM has licensed these important patents from ACTC. They can be revoked by EITHER party with 30 days notice. It's important to know that Lanza & Company will simply put a hold on these patents and BTIM will be somewhat out in the cold. West knows this and that's why IMHO he has a place for ACTC to share in many future projects with BTIM. I'll just be glad when this stock takes off and leaves these kids in the dust because they won't play their trading game as well with a higher dollar stock. We will be off the pinks and that will be a huge benefit as well. Also the SEC will be implementing rule changes on shorts etc. Great future IMO for real investors who can have the patience to look down the road. I have also noticed that so many folks talk about getting rich. I've gotta get rich, i've just gotta get rich. In the stock market patience is what can make you somewhat rich. This is the one thing I am 100% certain of.

    • Looks like we will get the lowdown after closing or maybe by the end of the week. Either way there is more then one good reason to hold here.

      Good things coming, good luck peoples

    • holding steady. bracing hard for the snap of the relist catapult.
      by the way, i noticed that our pps drops everytime goldy posts something about a cruise/trip.

    • Hold Hold Hold - down - down - down. Over and over and over over. Still holding - still down. We wait for a milestone and nothing. Continued patience.

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      • My guess is that new stock is being trickled out keeping the price relatively unchanged with high volume. Some of the same happened last spring. When it all stops this thing will go up just like it did in June. Patience is required if you are going to make money here. The BTIM run is a good sign but there is no quick and easy way to make money with any of these stocks. I may take a little profit in BTIM but it is not going here yet since my position is already larger than I might like. Selling ACTC right here I think will be regretted later. Wait until the spigot gets turned off and we get a spike.

      • mcjp,
        They have hit every milestone in a timely fashion thus far this year. With many more to come, buy on the dips.