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  • amroma73 amroma73 Sep 24, 2009 8:41 AM Flag



    this is a disgusting and cruel thing.....peiole that are caught dogfighting should be sentenced to fighting in the ring themselves.........just as my forefathers did in the ancient days of the ROMAN EMPIRE.............fuck vicks and those people caught in chicago yesterday.........near a daycare center at that..................................cowards to say the least...........fuck em all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!perna

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    • superserial Sep 24, 2009 2:31 PM Flag

      See, this is what happens to people who retire early. With all that extra time on their hands that they once filled by contributing to society, they start going nuts and begin to lose their grip on reality. I can sense this happening with you "perna". You have no idea of what a douchebag you are.

    • perna why all these personal attacks? If you settle for a trailer park to retire in ... sure you will have dog fights in your back yard. Me I will work until all my children own the properties that people like you rent. Man wont the romans be ashamed of you. Retired or retarded?

    • I am not so sure all are able to accept me for what I am, a white hetero middle class over worked manager. I am Obamas enemy he shall drain all the energy and $ from my account so others can collect for 79 months and not have to contribute to this fine land. Besides we need more taxes to pay for the illegals to have health insurance why not take it from a nice guy like me.

    • superserial Sep 24, 2009 2:04 PM Flag

      I can't believe you need to sign, "perna" at the end of each message you leave. That is by far the biggest douchebag thing I can think of anyone on this message board doing, and I wonder how the hell you got off my ignore list.........................superserial

    • Curious,

      What are your feelings on abortion and those that carry out such acts?

    • I for one have to agree with amroma73. A society that does not give a damn about dogs, cats and animals of all walks of life is doomed and should be doomed.

      Oh well, maybe that's what 12/21/2012 is all about? God's pay back's are legendary.

      Today, we live in a very sick world and it is about time for some serious house cleaning. Starting all over again is God's MO.

      Open your eye's and heart's people before we all fall into the abyss.

      Have a God day.

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      • I've got a zoo at my house: two dogs, two cats, three chickens and a couple little humans. I'm sympathetic to animal lovers but I also eat meat on a regular basis. If my dog had a tumor I would not pay money for surgery, not while children die around the world for lack of food and clean water. I think the sort of empathy that makes us animal lovers is a great human strength and should be commended but we need to extend that not just to those near us but to those far away. Throw the animal abusers in jail and let them do their time. How shall we be punished for ignoring human suffering?

    • You leave me speechless. One bit of adviceif I may. READ YOUR POST YOU JUST WROTE! WHOLLY SCHNIKIES. BRING IN THE WHITE SUITS.

    • Sorry to have cornerd you like that.

    • dgsncts4evr Sep 24, 2009 9:27 AM Flag

      if you have seen the humane society poster offering a 5000 reward for information on dogfighting activities, try to get a copy to run off say a 100 copies to post any where you can . i use a spray adhesive ,makes it more difficult to remove from tel. poles or whereever you can place it . my favorite place to post them are at liquor stores in the hood.

    • I cant think of a better place to post your feelings on such issues than a stem cell message board. Too bad you have such a hard time forgiving and forgetting. He did the crime and he did the time. I am glad we have evolved away from the days where we cheered when humans were killed like that. You my friend need a lesson in eye for an eye. Dog for an eye is not the same! DOPE.