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  • longactc longactc Oct 1, 2009 11:34 PM Flag

    thank you val!!

    sorry for postings this on a message board for stocks but I had to. I am a lonely elder lady who has stock in actc stock. sorry to you val for posting this but i just had to. I lost my husaband many years

    ago and am lonely. I dont post much but do read the messag board alot. one of the nicest things ever happened today. in the mail i got a whole box of cashew and cardamon cookies HOMemade!!!!!!!!!!!! they bwere the best cookies i ever ate in my whole life. But even better was who they came from. many times I lost hope in people especially younger ones. I love you vals for having such a beautiful and kind heart. I read the message board alot and enjoy it very much. I dont post because dont want people to laugh at my thoughts but I do understand everything very well. it really helps me and is good. I like evilp and the videos and love wicks and his smart posts and dyoperna is nice. I think tricky is a pain but he is kinda funny. cosanastra may never hear from cause of the big bet with wicks but I think he is kinda smart and think he should stay around and be nicer and i like many others but love val. :) I am so happy right now words cant explain.
    well time to watch Dave and all the trouble he got into on letterman. i watch him everynight! It is so beautiful in vermont right now! Goodnight!

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