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  • stem150 stem150 Nov 5, 2009 4:47 PM Flag

    only a brain dead fool would short or bash this stock

    hope u lose all ur money for being such fools.

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    • You have to be mistaken because if she was blind at birth nothing is going to help her. During the first two years of life the brain develops connections to the eyes. If there is no sensory stimulation then the nerves don't develop. If however the connections are there and you lose your sight then there is a chance to get it back.

    • Key thing to realize with this stock.

      1) It's Extremely Volatile, but it also sits and does NOTHING for long stretches. That's a bit of a contradiciton, but is true;
      2) Some of us who bought at the low penny level or lower, could have easily sold at .29, and made a lot more than some of the bashers here, but - we don't play it that way- sometimes for very specific reasons;
      3) The traders, who bash and pump regularly here, with as much contrary enthusiasm either way, weekly - who seem almost schizophrenic, are following a rational strategy for small stocks that can be traded in huge numbers for small dollars - manipulation.
      4) People can make a lot of money manipulating stocks, just look at the large list of people convicted for it in decades past;
      5) During the Bush era, there was not a lot of prosecution for stock trading violations like manipulation, so a lot of traders don't understand just how far over the line they are pushing things, but they may very well regret their activities in the coming years. Look at the new hedge fund prosecutions for stock manipulation and insider trading - they are starting with big fish, but small fish beware;
      6) There are some here who bash, but then claim they also own shares, or don't, whatever at the moment seems convenient - those are folks who clearly have a trading "strategy" and it doesn't involve the intrinsic value of the company or its activities - it involves manipulating sentiment and amplifying their own strategies (small % of dollars pushed one way or another on a daily basis can make a big difference over time).

      So watch out... be aware, and don't assume anyone on this board has your interest at heart. Do your own research, buy or sell because you personally believe it's the right thing to do, and never fear asking questions - just be sure you know that people talk the stock up or down usually because they have a position already - and usually because it's in their interest to do so. I'm an investor, and I think it's going to be a great opportunity at some point. I don't know when, and I've done pretty well this year already. However, I have an interest too. We all do. I don't want to manipulate anyone, but clearly there are people here who are trying to manipulate sentiment against the stock at times, and then they disappear, and maybe reappear under another screen name to pump. Clearly there are individuals who do this. Beware.

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      • I have read a lot of articles on investing strategies. I have found several in recent times that state that they are happy to invest in long term ideas. Yes, right now they are Apple, Google, and others. Some here now believe Regenerative Medicine will be one of the next waves of excitement. I also like robotics, but I am not in yet - haven't found the right mix, but have an idea on who I like in this fied - and really warming up to it. Immunotherapies are great, but they are espensive. Check it out. I have a lot more information in the Regenerative Medicine field. I am going with Dr. Lanza. People are scared to invest and not doing the research to see a few years down the road. I am doing the research on my own time - There will be many deals down the road in this field. Only 2 ESC companies hold the key patents. You know who they are. They key point is: You don't need to put your whole portfolio now into these companies. Ride the wave of the upward movement in stocks, and take some gains to add to the future. It's the best time to take the opportunity in ACTC. Dr. Lanza will deliver. People are scared now - you don't have to be. If the U.S. doesn't want to take the risk - other countries are willing and able. Licensing in this field will be very lucative. Times are a changing. Just my own observation...

      • great post.

    • glad to have u aboard and the best of luck to u

    • In the event ACTC cures the blind, you cant put a price on the PPS. I would think 1000% in nothing if all goes well with the RPE. All the other programs we have can take this to the moon. I would imagine we are many years away from becoming very wealthy. Anyway, I am glad to be in ACTC & ADXS.

    • the reward way out do the risk here. hold tight and never sell ur shares. i dont care if she goes back to .02 where i bought in, i will never sell mine.

    • if im not mistaken, that girl had the very same eye complication that actc is set bto release their ind for here. her eye never really developed properly at birth causing vision blindless. i think we are closer then 5 years away because big govt will support and move things faster seeing everyone else is making the trips elsewhere for this cure. in 3 years i think we will be in a good place to make further advancement and close to market with our pipeline. do u see to the left of the page it says actc possible 1000% gains? its a bs penny pumping stock site but at the same time it very well may happen with THIS stock.

    • I appreciate your thoughts.

      Now I understand other countrys are ahead of the game. Did you hear about the 16 year old girl that was blind? She went over to China for 6 weeks of treatment for her blindness. She can now drive a car. Will this take as long as individuals think?

      I am holding for 5+ years unless things change.

    • Truth is only such a fool would invest in it!

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      • STEM150, I made over $500K ($350 after taxes) by shorting this stock and starting with $20K. How much have you made sitting long?

        Yup, I'm a brain dead fool all right! And you know what.....I'll be making even more money if this PIG ever gets off the ground as well. In between that time (years away if at all), I will play the dips and continue to make money, and you will get all excited when it goes up a few cents (or 20%) whichever way you want to look at it, just to watch it go right back down again.

        One question for ya Mr Brains without cash.......when do you think ACTC will have any revenue and be able to fund their own operation instead of continuously diluting this Piglet? 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009.........2020?