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  • mclarence89 mclarence89 Jan 4, 2010 10:42 PM Flag

    What happened?

    BUCKS2PENNI: I'm going to reply to your post and then I won't be here til after the 5th of February. Let me clear some things up with you first. As for your statement that I must have one helluva portfolio. I do. I have a portfolio of individual stocks that I started when I was 28 years old. I am now 67. In addition I inherited my parents portfolio 5 years ago when they passed away. There was no what you call "pumping" in my post. You and some of these folks here are not investors but speculators IMO. Now there are rumors and then there are rumors if you know the difference. Do you know anyone with any credibility who works in the stem cell field presently? Do you know anyone at Wake Forest University lets say? Do you have anyone close to you in the brokerage business? All I tried to do in my post is try and alert folks that these securities I hear are about to release some news next month. That's all. Nothing more and nothing less. Why don't you just sit back and wait for the month to pass and see if what I hear is on the mark or not? Word is going to get out louder and louder I believe til then and you either have a nice position or not. No sweat off of me. I'm ready. Watch the first hour of trading on Tuesday, Jan. 5th for ACTC and BTIM and GERN. Should be interesting to say the least.

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    • Well, I was hoping that you were correct on the first hour of trading this morning but it doesnt seem to be working out. Maybe it will come later in the day.

    • Good response, very civil. I will buy into your position but I continue to be strong in ACTC (the rumor, if comes to pass, will benefit me without doubt). For my investment experience - been in since 1980 and I am 63. No money but my own (and wife). Had many a hard knock...mostly on rumors. I am VERY speculative in my 'slush fund'... all pennies right now. IRAs on the other hand are less speculative and geared to steady growth as well as dividends/capital gains.

      to add to my earlier comment...I expect consolidations in the stem business. The field of companies WILL narrow as years pass and the leaders become more clear. However at this early stage of development in the industry, there will be few events that shake the market (relatively speaking) - IMO, too early for value swaps when no company out there right now could possibly know their own value, much less another company's. Just a little cautious when anyone puts forth a comment of significance. You are correct...I shall wait and see....and hope it comes to pass.

    • He started his portfolio when he was 28 years old, he is now 67, i would listen to the man...
      ACTC ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!