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  • superpsiboy superpsiboy Jan 16, 2010 4:13 PM Flag


    avxt....they have had phase 1 and 2's...with some issues...

    they just got funding.......

    Why would they finance these guys? They financers got a .04 value for the shares...stock currently trading .13....

    So the financer can make some money on the open market depending on how much the pps suffers during the dilution.

    The only thing that could reduce this damage is good news?

    avxt has other things as well..

    here's the copy ...paste..


    A clinical trial is a research study to answer specific questions about new drugs or treatments for disease. Clinical trials are used to determine whether new treatments are both safe and effective in humans. These trials generally occur after extensive work in the laboratory and in animal studies. Regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and other regulatory agencies around the world, carefully conducted clinical trials are an established way to find treatments that are safe and effective.

    Our previous clinical trials for the AC Vaccine have concentrated on melanoma, ovarian carcinoma, which are our primary indications, and non-small cell lung cancer.

    AC Vaccine® Technology Platform

    AVAX's utilizes its Autologous Cell (AC) Therapeutic Vaccine platform for the development of products to be used to treat patients with cancer. The idea behind the AC Vaccine technology is to re-educate the patient's immune system to recognize as foreign the cancer cells that are metastasizing and growing in the patient's body outside of the regulation by the patient's immune system. AVAX's lead product is MVax®, the AC Vaccine technology for the treatment of patients with melanoma. AVAX feels that its technology platform has broad applicability to multiple cancers.

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    • avxt looks like an interesting diversification in the vaccine therapy area...thanks for heads up. Trading looks decent, news and volume could set up a decent third wave spike.

    • jeffb311 Jan 17, 2010 8:09 PM Flag

      I love you supe!! Bubba, if you dont want to read it.... Dont read it. No harm no foul.

    • Sup, I could be wrong but I think it means Eat Sh*t And Die. Anyway, as you know I believe in sharing stock info. That's why I like VRAL where you can post anything and people thank you. Don't cry - you will be barred from NY! Bill

    • Look Bubba...I don't live in NY anymore.....I am a diddling in PencilTuckey now.
      Yes I can be very rude.....I have a tissue drying my eye's now...the tears...the tears....bhahahahahhahah

      If I realized you were going to have a "cowboy fan breakdown" I never would have replied about your little winky!


      Look....I am trying so say I am sorry...but you are right because I really value a good laugh....which I am having as I right this..

      You have an MBA......what is that? I am an uneducated duff...

      Please don't put me on ignore! No NO No!!!! I am melting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      O/T...Bubba is not a name for the sensitive you know...hey didn't you start this? laugh and say you forgive me because it's not my fault I am a jerk!

      Any other NY Haters out there? They Love me in Penciltuckey!

      What does ESAD mean?

    • Hey craig,
      I bought and posted HESG when it ran a few months ago. It was being pumped on stockegg and I-Hub. I got in at .0004 and out the next day or so at ~.0017
      I have been watching it with one eye, it's been rumbling, and I think it is about ready to run again. The difference is there will be baggies above all the way till ~.002 of course. I plan to pick some up at .0003 - .0004 on Tuesday.

      That's my 2 cents....

    • Well super i used to respect you however now you are on my ignore list. Also my MBA suggests I have at least a little bit of knowledge.You really are a rude asshole and when I look to see where you reside, I'm no longer surprised. I've visited NY several times and if I never returned it wouldn't bother me in the least, you people are the rudest most arrogant people in the United States. I have just 4 letters for you and i'm sure you know what they mean ESAD

    • This is THE board for picks. Yes we are ACTC but some of us get great ideas from the main posters on this baord. Lets go to California. Does any one have any ideas on the reefer stocks like HESG.
      Rock on Longs

    • Hubba-Bubba

      Apparently you are a bit dumb. First off there has been no wicks post on this thread..yet.

      The title avxt...and you need an off topic reminder?

      And you are asking for curtesy? Here on the actc board? Bhahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahhahaa

      I also noticed that you complain about mine being "too long"....and you are from "tinyville"...

      Not my problem that you are a little wanker, now shut the f' up and go talk on the other threads (which if you notice I ignore).....

      By-By Wanker!

    • roflmmfao that is too funny evil!!!


    • another pump and dump by super!

      • 2 Replies to czaris1
      • czar.....I am asking fellow smart people like tob and craig their opinion.....

        I welcome your opinion as well if you want to take the time to look at it....

        Tob thanks for sticking up for me but as you know this kind of reply is going to happen..

        czar...I have made alot of good calls...but I bought siga and it went down...I bought posc (which Dyoo calls piece of #%@#.....hahahhahahahh)

        anyway....catagorize me if you want (I don't care) but if you should discuss stocks with a few of us perhaps you will pick up a few winners as well....perhaps you can contribute a few too...

        Evil, Sell, Wicks, Top, Jeff, Dyoo, Dyogenes, Julia, Demchec, and there are more names I am forgetting (sorry....please feel add your self to list) have come up with some picks that those who choose to invet in made money....

        Just like the scientific community we communicate our knowlege with each other..

        Who gave me htds? Paddy just pointed out iscr to me.....

        I found a few myself...(heard nphc-xcho would have a tuesday press release...not sure)

        Trace had a nice thread about his visit to nnlx....

        anyway czar.....try to contribute....unless you are not capable of finding a few good plays....then I all can offer you is good luck.

      • careful now czaris1, julia and the psi boy got me looking at ubrg, I was a little turned off by the volume, next to none! I jumped on a little. LOL 2 or 3 weeks later, BOOM up over 800% in just one day!

        thanks julia and super

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