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  • superpsiboy superpsiboy Jan 31, 2010 9:18 AM Flag

    Evil Coffee.....

    Good Morning Dyoo,sell,tob,paddy,boog,evil,jeff,bill,ryne,craig,julia,earth....oh my...just too many good people on the best message board to mention...never the less now I have people on different boards...I just can't remember them all..

    well I would like to know if that post about adxs with january 31 st holds any water...

    Oh...How is the morning coffee? De-licious I hope

    imds it hype or will it become a real player?

    posc has performed as a pos but I still hold...

    I had been saying march Faz.....still watching..

    Oh so many more stocks of interest...we are in a scientific revolution...I do not believe wall street appreciates the science,seems like there are so many great penny plays....if the major markets were not so weak many of the nice penny stocks would be dollars on the am ex...naz...etc...

    ltbr was mentioned on the squak box winners circle...rumors of being bill gates....nice pump...gates likes thorium...

    my hdvc news....but I like it for the math and the test kits plus bud "abbott" and lou "Quest-ello" you still check the actc message board? Our wculf has been making it happen but the pps has not reflected it thur far...

    My urst getting all banged an abused wife after the alchi-husband went out for the night with the boys...

    iscr....I will look for the retrace...another stock getting banged up in this traders market

    still waiting on nnvc retrace..

    I didn't really have enough of a position on iscr to trade..can't have everything...

    other uranium...uec was a buy under $3...still hanging around there.....cvvuf still coming out with excellent news on it's huge number of property's but no reflection in pps...a buy

    nnlx......nice has to eventually come out-hell the clean room still isn't open! It's hi was .69 I think...with no news and once again no clean room,,,,,,interest from enviromental protection health org.....military....3m....proctor and gamble....some military journal acknowlegement....I have been buying at current prices...

    amar....nice little nitch interferon h1n1 play I feel psi about...

    how do you spell Bill..."VRAL"...that spells Bill.....when is that little pinapple going to POP? I have seen many lesser stocks get recommendation....could an ind be within a few months? Hummmmm

    Stems to watch...well that would be evil's "stem" and our actc as you know....

    alot of confidense in btim still I see.....i hope btim and gern have a good fight over actc's left over cheese....actc is going to look like a big plump mouse after the fda gets back to them....they can only drag things out for sooo long

    One thing I like about hdvy is the math...applications and how it can help different branches (stem,nano,pep,compound,bio,gene theraphy) all merge together for a diagnosis and theraphy based on the individual...

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    • I like VRAL, but some things about them scare me.

      From what I understand about the company...

      First off, they're on the pinksheets.
      Only two full time employees, close to 500 million shares out, with 750 million authorized. Also they've paid off small amounts of debt recently with hundreds of millions of shares in dilution.

      Add in the fact that their lawsuit could give them major problems, and I'd say that caution should be used in adding too much of a position in VRAL.

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      • VRAL

        We have a balanced and growing team supported by some of the world’s leading experts in HIV/AIDS and immunology.
        Our executive team is composed of entrepreneurial and creative managers. They are supported by an advisory board that includes leading scientists and physicians from world renowned research laboratories, teaching hospitals, academic institutions and pharmaceutical companies.

        Select a biography below for more information on each individual.

        Haig Keledjian, CEO, President

        Monica Ord, SVP Communications and Corporate Development

        Karen Newell, PhD, Advisor

        Michael Capizzano, Consultant

        Sam Golube, MD, Advisor

        Bada Pharisi, Advisor

        Advisory Board“The purpose of the Viral Genetics Advisory Board (VGAB) is to provide independent wisdom and insight to assist Viral Genetics in the accomplishment of its medical and scientific objectives, providing advice that is consistent with best-in-class scientific and medical practices and principles. As such, the members are selected on the basis of eminence in scientific and medical fields of interest to Viral Genetics. The VGAB is to assist the Board of Directors of Viral Genetics in obtaining the best advice possible in relation to the research, development and commercialization of its existing technology as well as new technologies in the future.”
        -Viral Genetics, Inc. Advisory Board Charter, December 19, 2008

        Select a biography below for more information on each individual.

        Viral Genetics Advisory Board:

        Luc Montagnier
        Co-winner of the 2008 Nobel Prize for Medicine and the Co-discoverer of the HIV virus

        Charles Everett Koop
        Former U.S. Surgeon General

        Eric S. Rosenberg
        MD, Chairman, Associate Professor of Medicine
        Harvard Medical School

        Marshall C. Phelps, Jr.
        Corporate Vice President for IP Policy and Strategy, Microsoft

        Richard T. Gerstner
        Former Corporate Executive, IBM and Telular Corporation

        Anthony Freda, Jr.
        Corporate Executive

        I like em!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • craig, been keeping my eye on cbai, why did it drop after the grand opening on the 22nd?

      pdmi already on my watch, thanks

    • LOL super, you scurr me sometimes!


    • Hey folks, dont forget to put PDMI on your watch list. We could have a little breakout.
      Also, keep watch on cbai. Good money maker over the last few weeks.
      When do you all think we will here some news on ACTC????
      Rock On

    • Dracula long shot....

      they just settled law suit...and they have alot more shares than actc.....

      I had thrown some change at a few troubled stocks a ways back....a couple came through...more then a couple went out...these guys.....they could get a pump or two..who knows?

    • on vral......why do I own/keep/long?

      Because I think it is going to actually work....when I think it's ready to move.....I'll beef up my position....and then I'll tell you guys!


    • jeffb311 Jan 31, 2010 1:56 PM Flag

      Thanks again Tob!

    • VRAL, it keeps trading sideways from .04 to .048 on weekly basis, it did touch .0395 "I believe" but anything in the .04 to .045 is a great buy right now. VRAL should be a big one for 2010. I am holding long.....

    • jeffb311 Jan 31, 2010 1:06 PM Flag

      Sorry Tob, .04 cent level.

    • jeffb311 Jan 31, 2010 1:04 PM Flag

      Thanks for insight. Always welcomed. I havent followed vral for a few months. Is it at a solid support level in the.05 cent level? Thanks, Jeff

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