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  • mclarence89 mclarence89 Mar 9, 2010 1:26 PM Flag

    When the truth is shown to be lies

    Interesting thoughts you possess there. Let me ask you one question. When men are facing certain death such as their warship is sinking or they are being overun by the enemy in war what do they most often cry out for? Don't believe they are thinking electrons, protons, and neutrons. I'll tell you what they are screaming out. "Oh God help me." I don't claim myself to be religous like some of these folks but I always respect their views. They in their heart truly believe that destroying an embryo is killing a human. I do not agree with this view but who in this "real" world really knows. We will all find the true answer some day but it won't be in this world. I am glad that Robert Lanza found a way to extract a cell without harming a potential human being. I hope some day that the Catholic church and these folks that do believe this discover that ACTC is really on their side. They just don't know it yet. There should be more information put out on this. Peace.