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  • evilpickemking evilpickemking Mar 28, 2010 10:13 AM Flag

    The basket approach


    Stem cell research could potentially be the medicine of the future. We all know this. We all want to see cures. we all want to make money. We all wan't to look back and know that we had the vision to jump into investing in a science before it truly reached it's potential. I can hear it now as I lay 6 feet under. (I don't believe believe in God. I believe My spirit will live on in those whose lives I had the fortune of impacting in some small way during my short stint on this Earth. For that reason I will try to live my life in a responsible manor.)Grandpa Evil made his fortune in the Stem cell Revolution,LOL.

    I have invested in :
    ASTM,ACTC, CUR, BTIM, ISCO, BHRT, GERN, STEM ,ATHX, just to name a few. I'm sure I am leaving a bunch out.

    I follow as many as my brain can handle, forget about some for a spell and then revisit.

    Don't forget the big boy's the pfziers the baxters the amgen's etc. (own some of these in wifes IRA's and also keep an eye on biotech ETF's that have these big boys in their holdings like Genzyme

    As you follow the sector you can sense when a company you like is beat down and scoop some up. You can take some of the top at the times when the PPS flies.

    You must always keep an open mind and reevalute your positions constantly. Your going to make some mistakes, that's life. I personally tried to evenly spread my dough from the start and then as end up sinking more into companies that I feel are on the verge of big news or have unjustly been beat down making their price tag more attractive.

    My basket ever evolving. If a company falls from my favor I will dump it on it's best strength.

    Being in touch with the sector has allowed me to make dough even on some of the companies that I don't really like long term but see oversold and knowing the stories that will unfold, so ya got some flippers in the sector as well.

    All this being said, you need to diverisfy outside the sector as well. This is no place for the weak minded. If you don't think you can win then I suggest you don't play.

    Just my opinions do what ya gotta do.

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