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  • mfel44 mfel44 Apr 8, 2010 11:26 AM Flag

    a life long TRU BLUE DEM & im fed up with obama and my party

    I don't know what kind show obama is running

    But when he loses a guy like me,

    Its all down hill from here....

    The dems are so slacked about promises they made to their base

    Over a year into his admin, and did we get stem cell legislation?


    We got a reversable bullshit exec order...

    My dems are playing back slap bc they squeeked by a health care vote....

    And then, what?

    I mean, if the dems and obama think the base is activated, they are dead wrong

    Obama hasn't said the words stem cells in over a year....

    The dems congress is playing confetti...and still issues they ran on, promised the base....

    Remain untied

    If they keep this bullshit up....

    The demz will not show at the mid terms

    The gop will sweep back the congress and then the chance for change nothing but a slick slogan, on some crumply placard, with an obama / biden logo on it!

    My party is sluggish, needlessly

    They are tone deaf to their own fucking base....

    And it is boring as ass wiping!

    If the dems don't start passing the things they ran on

    Stem cells
    Green energy
    Pay go
    Tax reapeals of the bush policy

    They might as well five the base the bird and becoming repubs

    Fuck the dems

    This life long dem is disgusted by the lack of multiple action in dc...


    And if the stem cell act isn't passed by mid terms, the base is gonna freeze up even more

    We know now

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    • The grumbling from with in my party is getting louder....

      I don't know what the dems expect us to do to get ectivated, against the gop....

      The tbaggers have their passion...

      But we in the dem caucus had ours

      The only way to get active and go to the polls is feel as the the party leadership is paying attnetion to its base to nuetralize the oppositions surging ...

      the dems can't even think to pass a stem cell bill?

      Almost 1 and half years into obamas term?

      Its a patheticness that must be addressed...

      The dems aren't winning over the energy of the party

      How they expect us to nuetralize the gop in the mid terms, when most of us will stay is beyond me...

      Still no stemcell bill
      Still no green bills
      Still no pay go
      Still no bush repeal of tax to richest 1%
      Still in iraq

      And obama ran on change?

      What changed?

      I, like most of my dem party base, am not interested in my party as result of them doing nothing for us....

      Obama is blowing it....

      So much has to be done, and yet nothing is...

      These guys can't even get stem cell bill out the door....

      And stem cell bill will pass with zero problem...

      Its just a lack of understanding those who put the dems in power
      And that lacking has deactivated the dem voters....

      Pelosi reid obama have blown it...

      And when they lose a huge fan, a huge supporter like me, the party is in trouble..

      But who wants to vote for those who ignore u?

      The fact that stem cells isn't a law by now is just a slap in the face to 75% of americans who support it

      Lazy dc hacks

    • valenciamandolina Apr 9, 2010 6:40 AM Flag


      Very interesting if you listen to this interview. Makes you really think. Min 2:40 stem cell research mentioned. Interesting guy to say the least. Don't agree with everything he stands for but I respect his views. Just interesting....the kind of guy it would be fascinating to meet.


    • valenciamandolina Apr 9, 2010 5:26 AM Flag


      The real question is how do you use your creativity to give yourself the power to make a difference and bring about the change you are looking for? Don't give up! Of course your frustration is completely normal! Use that frustration to your advantage. If you are thoughtful, intelligent and compassionate have the confidence that you have the power to take action! Have fun with it knowing you are empowering yourself and being given a great opportunity at a time when we need you. When I voted I knew simply pulling the lever in the voting booth was not the answer to all my prayers. Do I believe my prayers will be answered and science will be put back "to its rightful place" as President Obama claimed would happen? Yes I do. My prayers won't be answered however without hard work and learning everyday how I can help make that happen. Christopher Reeve said it best “optimism + information = hope”. His life will never die with me. So continue to think of Christopher Reeve and what and how he would have wanted science to progress. We are not there yet so think of him or a loved one you may have lost. This may be a better environment than ever to bring about change. No one right now understands more than me that the EO is not enough. Some positive things have happened however that lay the ground work for the change we shall get. Everyone here even on a public stock message board has power to do something right now. Even those opposed to embryonic stem cell research who are open minded and compassionate people can see the light in due time when given good information. I have witnessed it first hand. This is not an easy battle but well worth fighting and winning.

      I started reading this book by former Republican Senator John Danforth (the link below). I just started but is a great read already. Here are a few links:

      In an article published last month in The New York Times, former Sen. Danforth wrote: "When we see an opportunity to save our neighbor's lives through stem cell research, we believe that it is our duty to pursue that research and to oppose legislation that would impede us from doing so." When Jack Danforth, a stalwart of the Missouri Republican Party, speaks, I believe that Republican legislators should take heed.

      Bernard Siegel an attorney who fought for science in the early 2000's from Genetics Policy Institute has given us all a reason for optimism. Now lets stay strong and keep our heads up! We can and will do this!


    • That bill was a fig leave. The KNEW Bush was going to veto it, so Republicans who were vulnerable on this issue could vote on it and Republicans who were against it didn't make a huge stink, for the benefit of their colleagues.

      I don't know what will happen. It may very well be that they will pass that vote. But if you are right, it would be better for them to WAIT until the election is over, so as not to stir up an activist rampage - and then pass it - even if they LOSE Congress after the mid-terms.

      I'm not speaking as an investor there, but as a person who understands the legislative process. It's very likely that they will not proceed with controvercial bills like this that will only stir up the other side, at this time.

      From what I've seen, from the various bills, and from NIH and the FDA, Congress' action WILL NOT speed this process. In fact, it could cause more complications. I believe the process is better off as it is now, for now, and that legislation can come along later, after the wonks have had a chance to figure out what is best for science at this stage.

      SO I think this is really unproductive whining.

      Oh, and that health care bill was an incredible and HUGE success. Just because many people don't yet realize it, including some Democrats, is par for the course. I think Obama is doing an incredible job.

    • valenciamandolina Apr 9, 2010 1:38 AM Flag

      Hi mfel44,

      I love your passion! Evil you probably know where I am going with the link I am going to post but for those of you who want a little clarification you can invite me to connect by yahoo up until April 11th and I can explain it off the message board briefly. I think this great passion can be channeled in an arena better suited to make a difference. Remember ask for everything and it gives you leverage. :) One of the most important games for science will be played on this court and in this arena. Be in the game don't be on the sidelines. It sounds like you have made your voice heard before!


    • "And yet, here I sit a liberal dem
      Wishing for the likes of tome delay and bill frist bc at least those 2 clowns had a enough common sense to give america the bill it wanted...."

      Are you sure delay and frist are clowns? Sounds like all the Democrats are the real clowns.

    • Simply questions?

      Obama has time for photo opps with his pet

      Has he met lanza?

      Has he gathered a consortium of the stem cell doctors in america?

      Has he even toured a stem cell facility?

      Has he walked hospitals where the miracle of stem cell phase study patients are showing recovery from their diseases?

      Has obama said the words stem cells in public in the last year?

      Has obama asked analysts, the nih, the fda anyone how progress can be helped to further americas race to a cure?

      Or is it all fucking baseball games
      Beers with racist cops
      Dog pics for people mag?

      The guy is missing the boat so big time

      Where is his team of advisors?
      Where is the pro stem cell force in the congress?
      Where is the need , the will, the change?

      I don't see it

      This sector, this industry, our students, our citizens, we don't want photo opps

      Exposes in mens vogue....

      We want cure
      We want bills
      We beg for leader ship
      We stood on lines for 9 hours for the chance to vote for change

      And what did we get?

      Dog pictures... and base ball tosses

      Give me a fucking break

    • tinmanken Apr 8, 2010 2:18 PM Flag

      You that voted him in get what you deserve!

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      • What we deserve is the stem cell act of 2010....

        What we deserve is dignity for those loved ones on the brinks with als, paralysis, blindness, heart disease...etc

        What we deserve is an america that actually helps its best and brighest doctors find cures,

        what we deserve is a gov. That understands the potential and the history making possibilty stem cells presents

        The jobs, the education, the revs
        The productivity the cance at real cure!

        What we got, what we get

        Is sluggish fat cat fuckers in dc who are either too dumb
        Too bought
        Too out of touch to even see how important this science is

        One would think obama and the dems after 8 years of walls by bush

        Would truly push for this

        Push america onward to win the race for a cure!

        Support our medical community with the vigor of past great democrats

        Enhance innovation

        And want to lead

        And yet all we get is photo opps of obama and his fucking dog

        Him throwing dang baseballs, and pelosi poising for talk shows

        We are slidding as a nation and no party is willing to take the easy step to say

        We will cure
        We will lead
        And today we will focus on stem cells

        I loved my parties heart and soul in 2004 , 06, 08 ...

        But today they fucking suck
        They are gop lite

        Fat cats
        Dc hacks

        And they like the gop b4 them
        Are out of touch with the pulse of america

        Everyone wants cure
        Everyone wants america superiority in technology
        Everyone want to see us win the race to lead the world

        And all we get from dc is sluggish bullshit....

        I guess I bought the obama hype
        But the dew is off that lily

    • tinmanken Apr 8, 2010 2:18 PM Flag

      I knew before this yahoo took office but everytime I said something against his policies I was labeled a racist. HA whos laughing now Biatchs

    • The idea that bill frist and tom delay were able to get a stem cell bill thru congress

      And yet pelosi and reid can't even fucking tie their shoes is an abismal track record

      Tom delay and bill frist were the most heavy handed conservative lap dogs to ever walk the halls of our congress

      And yet, even they were able to pass stem cell legilation out of their ends of the capitol...

      The dems look sooooo aweful these days

      Like spoiled stale crusty milk
      Stenched with muck and no real agenda

      It is just a fucking shame how bad wash.dc. is these days

      Truly at a loss

      Obama should be out front talking bio tech every day

      The congress should be racing to fund it
      Fda should be green light city
      Nih the same
      Dod in on it toooo

      And yet, here I sit a liberal dem
      Wishing for the likes of tome delay and bill frist bc at least those 2 clowns had a enough common sense to give america the bill it wanted....

      This congress hasn't even passed a stem cell bill...and the democratic base, me and mine
      Fucking hate them already

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