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  • biosectinvestor biosectinvestor Jun 13, 2010 3:49 PM Flag

    Re Eligibility for Funding - Bashers Act Like It's A Bad Thing

    I haven't seen any people posting that ACTC has new NIH funding right now in, in hand. The only people posting this are the professional BASHERS who spend 24/7/365 here....because apparently they have nothing else to do with their lives except stalk a message board for an .08 cent stock and a tiny, visionary, company which symbolizes American ingenuity and stick-to-itness.

    Yes, they're eligible and people are talking about it enthusiastically because it is a big change from the drought of the Bush years when the idiot ideologues roamed the plains of American policymaking - unhindered talking about "REDUCING" regulation while they imposed their will on everyone, in myriad ways, from hindering science to freeing companies to desolate our lands and oceans, to introducing torture and subverting the Constitution and making it popular to do so by vile means. I'm still not feeling free from that hangover, no one is.

    People are genuinely excited about policy change, in this context, and the fact that it is being acted upon now. It takes a while to undo those damaging years, but this decision is bound to affect the whole sector.

    So, and this question is to our PROFESSIONAL BASHERS - what's your problem with that?

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    • tinmanken Jun 14, 2010 5:41 PM Flag

      I am not a basher, I am a truther

    • tinmanken Jun 14, 2010 5:40 PM Flag

      Obama, is that you blaming Bush AGAIN

    • ///////////////

    • Here is a response to Tarp's other point:

      <I didn't make any claims about them getting immediate funds. You're the one making claims.> (directed at another post.)

      So how long will it be then? Why is all the excitement on this board and others implying that it's a finalized funding deal and the interim period won't affect the stock price?

      You are evidently attempting to contrive an inverse arguement as a disguise that "bashers" don't think NIH is valuable to hide the fact that it will be a very long time until any money, if any, is received with multiple caveats attached.
      Show us one post by any poster where this is the case, but you can't can you.

      Add to that the absolute ludicrousness of claming that only one poster has misrepresented the recent news as "funding in hand," and the additional sophistry that the "bashers" are the ones claiming it. Even a cursory examination of this board shows that plainly to not be the case.

      My answer:

      1) I don't think generally posters are saying much more than they are happy about the news. The Bashers, on the other hand, are actively trying to undermine the good news. Some of you have good questions, but you've flipped it into an attempt to make the question a negative for the company. And that is just clearly ideologically motivated - or maybe, as some others say, you're stock manipulators who push both sides, depending on what your current position is with the stock.

      The fact is, even you bashers don't know the answer to your question. You only ask it to cause uncertainty in the meaning of CLEARLY good news. You want to make people feel it may be less meaningful. You don't know, any more than anyone else does. Period. It could free up lots of money. Seems to have that potential. It might take a while. Who knows where it will go? People are clearly excited and trying to research and speculate, clearly, other than one poster I even called out, they are not saying the company has x dollars because of this decision, in hand. Other than that one poster, I haven't seen it.

      Personally, I don't think the funds will all necessarily come to the company, they go to researchers too. But those research efforts advance the field and can advance this stem cell line. Companies also work collaboratively with researchers, as this company has done. I have asked the one poster that you pointed to - for more details on one suggestion. Because I have not read what he posted anywhere else. It's not verifiable.

      But to suggest that any opposition to your ideological bashing here is "pumping", is again, further deception. And it's actionable.

      I'm not attempting to contrive an "inverse argument" - I'm making my points. You respond with questions, not support for your points. You simply don't know what is in store for the company or the future, but insist on trying to make good news seem negative. Then when someone calls you out on it, you try to stick that motivation back to the person calling you out on your own "dissembling" - your words.

      I think you're all just one poster. Which further confirms a pattern here.

    • No, I know you don't, bio. I'm no bashers that's for sure:) As I have posted many times, I am an admitted pumper of actc and many of the other stems, and the science as a whole.
      No one should buy this or any stock because of anything I post.
      I do however, think they should do their own dd and consider the enormous possibilities of this science. As a whole, not just here at actc (to da moooon LOL).

    • Hi Bio. Good post. The bashers here are not good enough to influence too many investors I think. They might stop the few people that buy based on what they read on message boards, but I imagine those kinds of buyers will soon be parted with their money one way or another.

      Our time is coming.. this really was a "watershed" event.


      Got_Tarp, another of our professionals, has posted his own thread in answer to mine, here are a few points he made:

      He paraphrases my question:

      <All of medicine operates on these grants. Yes or No? >

      His Answer: Do you really think that people reading that are incredibly stupid? All medecine is publicly funded?...what planet are you living on.
      As a supporter of the intent of the stemcell science I wish them well in their endeavors, but I doubt that due to difficulties in the past and future that the company itself will be the one to achieve the major breakthroughs we as a society need so badly. GLTU

      Most research in science and medicine are funded through grants, much of it via the NIH and other governmental funding. The rules prohibiting government funding cut all of those funds off from Stem Cell studies and science. If you are unaware of that, you seem not to be in the right place. You need to do your research.

      Again, I have not claimed the company has funds. I don't post a lot on this board. But the bashing is ludicrous.

      Additionally, the bashing here as analogous to the situation in which a small company's drug might have been approved by the FDA. Approval doesn't mean that they have the money immediately. The company only has approval. To get to market, get people to know the benefits of that new drug and to actually get revenue, takes time. Dendreon was approved, but they don't have 200,000+ customers per year yet. They may not have even had any customers yet.

      People react to good news like this, because it validates the future for companies that have otherwise been working to validate their technology. End of story. To suggest that happy reaction to validation of technology is "stupid" or "pumping" is simply a way to twist the truth so that it's a lie. And we know what force in the universe is good at doing that...

    • Thanks dyoop. You're not a basher.

      I note two of our full timers have posted above though.

    • stone_coso_tarp_tkill_xena_smart stone_coso_tarp_tkill_xena_smart Jun 13, 2010 5:38 PM Flag

      <Thats the news and there are 7 more just like it coming , 15 million each of non-dilutive free govt grant money, game over yo yo >

      Sure, that's not a misstated post...or is this one.

      <get a real job the govt funding for 15 million just announced yesterday is solid, you are an idiot th ind is pending end of story, basher boy >

      And there was another post where the pumper stated that '15 million government free non diluted money was granted for the first line with more coming' but yahoo deleted it because it was out and out fraud to say that.

      That all sure doesn't look like the "bashers" at work here. But go ahead and make up another lie now.

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