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  • jillyblearyeyes jillyblearyeyes Jul 7, 2010 12:01 PM Flag

    Promotor thinks NIH and T.A.R.P. money are here.

    Paid promotor trys anything to fool suckers.

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    • Suckers here's more DD from paid promotor.

      <You're an idiot tarp_coso_stone_ect....>

      < Re: Share Price 24-Nov-09 07:47 pm
      ONE MILLION DOLLERS/and or/ da moooooon IMHO.

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      <I honestly don't think YOU should be in this stock. Obviously you can't handle the stress.Really, go buy an index or something. You'll be much happier.Biotechs already...>

      < Re: I should be able to buy this @ 0.13-0.14 soon!!!
      You have a little tiny weenie.I know everything.Boog
      Business & Finance > Investments > Stocks (A to Z) > Stocks A > Advanced Cell Technology Inc. boogthealien 7-Jul-09 06:04 pm>

      << Re: This dip will cause a rise following. 7-Jul-09 05:36 pm
      no moron it actualy creates a great buying opp. i guess ur to stupid to know that though. maybe you should look up who buffet is idiot. buy when others are running for the hillsu dope.

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    • Sucker it's much to much dilution for this early in the game with others way ahead already.

      Why did they give away the RPE patent with no funding and no trial approval?

      Suckers believe it's all a done deal.

    • Bahahahahahhahaha this little underfunded overdiluted gem to da moooooooooooooooooooon!!!!!

      Load up for cruise!!!!!!


    • Just like any small bio company.... Dilution is were they get their funding until they produce some worth purchasing. Can you name any other small bio company that does not dilute their stock for funding. Also, we the shares holders voted to allow the dilution. It was either that or BK. I will take the dilution.

    • Where's the link to the money suckers?