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  • tony_montana333 tony_montana333 Mar 9, 2011 6:12 PM Flag

    The Gambino family controls penny

    Of course, and so was John Gotti.

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    • If ACT stinks for you, see no reason why are you here unless, you are a sister of the charity doing your daily job saving poor unholy souls from the claws of the deceivers

    • Celebrities, often off the B and C lists, seem particularly attracted to penny stock promotions. Or, perhaps more accurately, they are particularly susceptible to offers to shill for stock promoters.

      Carmen Electra, the Playboy model turned actress, has made a habit of pitching bulletin board stocks. A few months ago, the SEC sued the guy who played the blond partner of Erik Estrada in the 1970s cop-show ChiPs, charging him with securities fraud. Even Shaquille O'Neal, the NBA star with a massive Twitter following, has promoted a microcap stock that he owned, which subsequently plummeted.

      And yes, it's amazing that the penny stock market, a Petri dish of fraud, exists at all. It's caveat emptor all the way