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Advanced Cell Technology Inc. Message Board

  • alicuba alicuba Aug 3, 2010 4:50 PM Flag

    at this point don,t know who to believe

    at this don't know who to believe

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    • tinman, seldom does anyone ever post, trip to the moon. when they do, it has all been in fun. I can probably count on one hand when I have posted, "To The Moon" and I've been here for over 2 years, that in itself should tell you I'm not looking for a get rich quick stock.

      As far as being rich off this stock. Again, most of who are invested here, believe in the science and therapy that stem cells offer.

      I wont mention ids, but being here for 2yrs I've communicated with many here "off the mb" who found this company like I did. Searching for a possible cure that either they or one of their family members needs.

      you say you wish everyone luck trading? I dont see that. why would you bash a stock that you dont own? come on, you have an agenda. you just posted that is company is a POS.

    • Scroll up and look at your first post on this thread. Then go back and look at the quote from the google private board I just posted. No one gets barred for posting negative comments.

    • tinmanken Aug 3, 2010 8:15 PM Flag

      I have not threatened ANYONE period I have posted hundreds of time on the google public board. feeeed and I went back and forth on the public board. I only state my opinion about this and other stocks. I do not agree with most posters on this board mostly regarding ACTC and its trip to the moon. Rather than a list of how rich investors will be one day. I put my opinion out that ACTC will not make you rich. I wish everyone good luck trading. I have made money and lost money..the losing stings the most.

    • I agree with that tin, and we do that on the google private.

      like I said, I didnt know if it was you, but a poster with an id similar to yours use to threaten posters on google public board. sent threatening emails to them, off the mb. that why I came to this mb.

    • tinmanken Aug 3, 2010 8:03 PM Flag

      what assumptions?

    • tinmanken Aug 3, 2010 8:01 PM Flag

      start what? I was trying to verify we were speaking on the same subject. All boards need discussions on both sides of the issue

    • That's easy. Don't believe anyone. Do your own reading on the technology and if you believe in it, then invest only what you are willing to lose on this particular long shot. If it hits you are happy; if it craters, you are wiser. Go buy a good fund or a good piece of land with your real money and don't let this one worry you! I own more than 100k shares and I am holding for long term development because I think ACTC has a better than even chance of success. It is my only penny stock. Just my opinion...

    • Ignore everyone that is overly positive or overly negative.

      Ignore everyone that doesn't give citations or references.

      If you read the posts of those (few) that remain, and do your own DD on topics that they discuss, you will be better off than most.

      This message board is much better, but biased in favor of ACT.

    • I also suggest reading the company's SEC filings. There's a wealth of information in there!

      Disclosure: I own a substantial stake in this stock. I do not recommend this or any stock to anyone. Investing in Penny Stocks is a huge risk, all of the investment is at risk, of total loss. These stocks are very volatile. Read the SEC filings and official press releases for any investment, not message boards. Do your own due diligence, and speak to a licensed investment advisor. Good luck to all, no matter where you invest.

      • 1 Reply to rathernotthanks
      • I agree, don't listen to the boards, do your own reasearch. It would be completely wrong to listen to anyone here, about anything. Discusion here is really for people who already own shares, and decided to a long time ago mostly, and then the bashers.

        By the way Rather, quit stealing my disclosure. You know that you don't own any shares and it doesn't make sense that any basher, who has bashed forever, owns any shares and then bashes their own economic ownership. Surely, if you believed what you said, you'd have sold a long time ago, but I honestly doubt you've ever owned a share, except to say that you owned "a share".

    • I would suggest that you do not pay attention to anyone on this board. There is plenty of information readily available to you to help you decide for yourself. Look at all the SEC documents, read magazine articles, scientific papers, and other online information.

      There are just way too many outlandish things being said on this board.

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