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  • tinmanken Aug 3, 2010 7:02 PM Flag

    at this point don,t know who to believe

    you forgot to mention that if you say ANYTHING negative about ACTC on the private google board, you get barred. Biased in favor? no onesided

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    • thats a lie!

    • Who has barred you? That's just bogus. Bashers are bashers. You know who you are.

      Over a long time, I've said many negative things about this company, it's just now that I know that the bashers repeat those things and use them, deceptively, I have to be careful. That's not to say, even given negative things I've said, that I have a negative impression of the company or its management. Overall, I could say negative things about many companies, but there are few companies that I would then go out and buy the shares aggressively. I have done that in this case.

      That having been said, buying pennies is extremely risky. After careful thought about my own situation and review of the disclosures, this company makes sense for me. But no one should invest in any security or any penny stock without doing their own due diligence, reviewing official SEC filings, press releases, third-party mainstream news and then speaking with a licensed financial advisor. Don't take advice from a bulletin board. My tolerance for risk is not yours. I would watch this thing to to a penny and buy more without flinching. That's because I'm comfortable doing that. Most people would NOT do that. It doesn't mean they are smart or dumb, they have different needs and requirements from an investment.

      Most people want a vault, that pays interest. Penny stocks are NOT that, by far.

    • Incorrect.

      I talk negatively about ACT all the time, especially there.

      If you say anything stupid you might get banned, and for that I do not apologize.

    • tinmanken,
      I can assume that you are either trolling or have been banned from the Google Group. You know some alias, I mean person that has been banned??? There are plenty of people over there who question decisions made by management, there is plenty of back and forth debate about those and many other topics. I only know of a few people who have been banned. The majority of them for spamming. One of the best members over there questions many aspects of ACTC. There are a few brave souls who hang out both here and there. Obviously you know all about it, so this post is for anyone else who might be interested in joining. If you or anyone else should care to get or share some enlightenment that is place you should go.