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  • dsl_are_all_losers dsl_are_all_losers Aug 27, 2010 2:32 PM Flag

    FDA approval next week, next month, next year....

    Come on keep predicting and pumping this since the beginning of the year and yet the stock is keep going lower and lower and lower!!!!!!! WHY???


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    • Some may be bought out, but some stem cell companies are going to be the 800 pound gorillas of their space just like DNA, AMGN and others became the big boys or their respective spaces.

      As I said, this is what we want to see. Selling out to pharma too soon runs great risks to the technology. I believe guys like West know this and he is doing everything to prevent that from happening.

      But inevitably, some may be bought out of course. If pharma sees the larger stem cell cos. succeeding, then they will be buying to grow the industry.

      There is alot that remains to be seen and alot of special interest and money at stake here, so expect roadblocks.


    • POOP !!!1

      How many ids have you had since 07??

    • Big Pharms will eventually buyout stem cell companys, otherwise they will become secondary.....

    • What?

      When you push pills, that lead to side effects that need other pills, and all the pills need to be taken on a constant basis for many years, you have a gold mine.

      Cellular therapies are likely to do more curing, not just treating. While companies will still make alot of money, they may not make as much as the big pharma model makes.

      Big pharma would rather the status quo for now, or, they will eventually have to buyout the technologies either to totally supress them once and for all, or, to transition their biz model. Just look at how long it took Intel in tech to start getting into the wireless chip department. These big, stodgy cos. are very resistant to change with alot of fat cats that are collecting alot of money for nothing.

      We have to hope guys like Dr. West can make developments, whereever that may be, and not allow big pharm to buy him out. Buyout can run the risk that pharma just supresses the tech once and for all to keep the drug model alive. If BTIM and others can start to cure people first, then, we may finally be able to see change and pharma will have to pay up big which would disallow them from just buying to squash.


    • FU tinyman, walk a day in my shoes and just see how long it takes for pizzy little people like you to pizz you off!

    • Well, thank god my wife is a doctor, or I wouldnt have insurance anymore.

      And for the record, my medical expences reached more than 125k last year alone. you really think big pharms want me to get a 10k stem cell treament and be cured for life?

    • tinmanken Aug 31, 2010 8:59 PM Flag

      One day tob, maybe we can have a grown up conversation with out all the name calling btw it only belittles you

    • tinmanken Aug 31, 2010 8:57 PM Flag

      o tob there you go again tossing stones

    • tinmanken Aug 31, 2010 8:56 PM Flag

      tob I hope you have insurance. You are correct that tax payer dollars funded part of the research (NIH). That does not make it right.

    • you are NOT serious are you? well lets see, why would Big Pharms not want to cure diseases, when they can sell you a $35.00 a day bandaid? have one buddy that takes more than 150.00 a day in meds just to really are that stupid arent you?

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