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  • bluecloud1013 bluecloud1013 Aug 27, 2010 3:47 PM Flag

    After the fact forcast... ACTC below 6.5 cents

    Hello SC Teabagging Dirtball, Don't you have anything better to do that pee in people's cornflakes? I assume your agenda stems from your perceived evangelical right wing whackadoodle view of stemcells. Too bad. Science is a gift from God. You probably think the Earth is 6000 years old and Jesus planted dinosaur bones to test our faith. ROFL!! Now go back under the rock you crawled from underneath to sully this mb.

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    • After your tyaid. you mentioned that science was a gift from God??? So you are obviously a right winger...

      And NO... I'm a constitutional moderate. he earthe is 4.5 billion years old. the universe 17 Billion. Evolution is obvious truth and stem cells hold the key to future of medicine...

      Hows that?

      However... There will be many fraudulent companies and individuals that will ride the SC wagon for some easy money....

      As is the case here.....

      So toot your trumpet all you care too. I am here doing the "RIGHT THING"

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      • Well DH, given your past postings, I don't believe you are a moderate or a believer in HUMAN EMBRYONIC STEM CELLS.

        Big difference there. These extremists try to pretend they are for "stem cells". I don't believe you're a moderate, but many extremists believe they are moderate and everyone else is just momentarily crazy....

        What exactly has the company lied about? You don't believe that the studies they filed with the FDA are real? The IND application is not real? The results are not real?

        Is it that the many patents, that are licensed by other companies, are not real? How about the text books published by Dr. Lanza, are those unreal? The blood and Cha Biotech's investment... unreal again?

        How about those articles, in various publications, or the regular quotations by the media from Dr. Lanza on almost any stem cell related topic, it's all fraudulent?

        Hmmm.... How about being one of the smallest companies in compliance with Sarbane-Oxley? You are saying that the accounting firm is committing fraud there?

        I see, so you say you're a moderate, but you don't believe anything out there... and you spend 24-7-365 on a board for a tiny company, for which, if you owned any shares, given what you type, you would likely be mildly insane.... good thing you don't own anything... or do you? If you do (which, you and the other bashers like to say... truthful? or crazy?), given your activities and beliefs, better go right to the hospital, because either way, you're in need of some help.

        It would be better for you, to just be honest about your beliefs... than to lie about your motivations here. Lying is wrong, especially when you do it to deceive people about a security and a company. And so, despite your belief that you are here 24-7-365 out of a need to be ethical, ..... that's also a question as well.

      • Nice job spelling tirade you retard. Who would pay attention to someone as illertate as you. So sad!