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  • dyooperya dyooperya Sep 5, 2010 9:20 AM Flag

    Rep. DeGette pushes bill to fund embryo-destroying research

    Washington D.C., Sep 4, 2010 / 07:50 am (CNA).- Rep. Diana DeGette (D-Colo.) claims to have wide support for proposed legislation to permit government funding for embryo-killing research and expects to pass it this month. Pro-life advocates, the U.S. Catholic bishops and a majority of likely voters have opposed such funding.

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    • .................

    • people with a land line!

    • tinmanken Sep 7, 2010 5:38 PM Flag

      agreed. a survey is only as good as the people asked. Who are they asking anyway? I have not received a call asking my oppinion.

    • this phone survey did start me to think about something, what are the ages of those polled? rep or dem? I actually know very few people who even have a land line today. when I think of those who do, I see them to be one of those looking for someone to talk to and something to beotch about!

    • you are talking about 55% of a telephone survey? hardly what I would consider a real poll of true numbers.

    • tinmanken Sep 7, 2010 4:38 PM Flag

      what about the other 45% of pro-choice?

    • tinmanken Sep 7, 2010 2:23 PM Flag

      However, a Rasmussen Poll report released last week found that 57 percent of likely voters were opposed to federal funding for embryonic stem cell research and only 33 percent supported it.

      Do you think the DEMS will push another unpopular bill through 2 months before election? I think not. If the dont push through the amendment prior to 11/2, its a wash

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      • Uh oh, I think I heard the "post poll results that support your argument" alarm!

        Now it's my turn.

        August 24, 2010

        And for the American public? Taken as a whole, the evidence shows that the majority of Americans support the use of stem cells taken from human embryos for medical research. Gallup has been tracking Americans’ views on the issue since 2002. We ask whether “Medical research using stem cells obtained from human embryos” is morally acceptable or morally unacceptable -- one of a list of a number of moral issues tested in Gallup's annual May Moral Values poll.

        As of May of this year, 59% of Americans said that embryonic stem cell research was morally acceptable, while 32% said it was morally unacceptable. That’s about a 2-to-1 ratio. There has been some slight change in this over the years. The percent morally acceptable began at 52%, climbed to 64% in May 2007, and has settled back down to about its current level over the last two years.

        Not shockingly, the major dividing line on this issue is partisanship and ideology -- which in turn are highly correlated with church attendance.

    • Thanks for the post Dyoo ; I'm pround of Rep. DeGette and others support the ESC research Viva! Viva! Rep. DeGette and all supporters to put energy into this to fight back the satan people with christian uniforms - They're trying sabotage this country to hurt American and eventually look back US is already behind other countries and scientists will go overseas to work for their believes and advancements - It's not so proud to damage to your own country and children of the future.....IMHO

    • Embryos are not Humans, they are just a bunch of glued cells, with no feelings and no soul, BTW. adults have no soul too and you dont really go to heaven when u die, just so u know

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      • I completely accord with you embryos are not human and a completed human entity only formed after 14 days in the fetus when the entity in the fetus got their full spine formed ) prior than 14 days their are just tissues and any nourishments such as food, air, your blood ... can lead to embryos and embryos lead to fetus and than human then adult cells within the body inter-related with everything else in the body - To define the ethical point I thing the fetus is the most logical strong because it's visible and physical of human entity . But this issues brought out with power of political playground and the collision of the two bulls is making the files in the middle got kill ;This story could get very long long issues when involving with other matter such as greeds, religions , political and so on..... ; But about the soul is also the religions issue and I agree religions value soul very high but in this case soul only have when their's completed human formed in the fetus . I fell very sorry when it set back the whole science and turn out political behind this thing again.
        Scientists broke their tongues to explain this , specially Dr.Lanza many many times show up in Congress and around the world to convince and educate people with his contributions with this new science in medicine but it political got cling onto this with play and play on it without....IMHO only..... GLTA

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